New Year, New Inspiration!

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The beginning of a new year is a time to get inspired, to get organized, not only for today but for a whole new year ahead.  If you don’t use the year view in your daily use of Teamup Calendar, it’s time to click the Year tab in the top right and take a moment to think about how it will be filled and what wonderful things you wish to happen over the next 12 months.

Need a quick review of what happened in 2017?  Click the arrow to the left of Today to bring up the big picture of the past year. Regardless what we have achieved and where we have been, we are here and now, with a whole new year in front of us, all free for our creativity!

All the best for 2018. Good luck everyone!

New version of the iOS app available!

Good news for all iPhone and iPad users! Since the release of the new month / week / day views in July, we have made further improvements with the new views, in particular, it loads faster for calendars with large amount of data.  The new version is now available on the App Store! Install or update to experience the improved performance and more.

teamup iphone app

New in the latest version:

  • It works now with the iOS 11 (public beta 4)
  • Improved calendar loading time and overall performance
  • Resolved event sorting order in various views
  • Many UI/UX improvements and small bug fixes

Learn more.

Android users: Please upate to the latest version on Google Play!

Please send us your feedback or leave a review.  Thank you!

Signup for Events

Teamup Calendar can help you organize the signup for an event. Signup is an option that can be activated inside the event editor for each event. If signup is activated, calendar users can sign up for an event with their name and email address.  You as the event organizer can easily keep an overview of who have signed up.


Teamup is now available in more than 10 languages

To see which languages Teamup supports, go to Settings to see the current list of supported languages:

Teamup Calendar supported languages
Teamup Calendar supported languages

Teamup supported languages

Teamup now supports the following languages in addition to English:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Czech
  • Slovenian
  • Chinese (Traditional)

You can set your language as the default in Settings or append a link parameter just to see your calendar in your chosen language. Example: Append ?lang=fr to your link to see your calendar in French.

Using Teamup to Coordinate Volunteers who Help Older People Get Online

A story from Peter Tootill, Age UK Malvern, Digital Inclusion Volunteer


We are a group of volunteers who are providing one to one sessions for older people to help them get online. More and more services are going that way these days and relatives are often far flung. So being able to use the internet and email can be a boon.

We work in a small town called Malvern, in the UK, famous, in the UK at least, for its water (the Queen always used to take Malvern Water with her on her travels until the bottling company closed the well down) and an English composer called Edward Elgar.

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A Customer Journey: Tried, Left, and Came Back!

Organizing big groups is a big task – even more so when that team is spread round multiple areas, constantly travelling, and organizing meetings.

This is a story of a customer that left Teamup for Microsoft 365, then came back to Teamup – After only six months it became clear that the Microsoft solution just wasn’t meeting the needs of such a large team. They were missing the ease and additional functionality of their Teamup calendar.

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Use Teamup to Organize Tradeshow Staffing and Coordinate Teams

A medium-sized food manufacturing company sends teams to 4-5 industry tradeshows each year across the United States with anywhere from 4 to 8 staff members attending each show.  In the weeks prior to each show the team pre-books meetings with their customers which often involve more than one staff member, for example, a sales rep and a technical rep.

In the past the company created a shared “Tradeshow” calendar in MS Outlook to schedule these meetings, but there were always issues with time zones either while scheduling or once they arrive on site.

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Use Customized Calendar Links for Different User Groups

If you are a small business owner or leader at a non-profit organization, you may find yourself spend a lot of time organizing people, tracking schedules and sharing information.  Sometimes less is more.  What if you don’t want everyone to see everything but only what’s relevant?

Thanks to its flexibility, you can achieve that easily with Teamup.  Here is the story of a music band manager.

Mark manages two bands, each with four members. He spends his time organizing rehearsals, gigs, and travel.  He needs a separate calendar for each group that shows only entries applying to that band.  So he created two Teamup Calendars, added 4 sub-calendars to each of them, and assigned one sub-calendar to each member.   He wants to let the individual band members to keep up to date with their own band but not the other band.  Meanwhile as the manager he wants to see all activities, events, etc. for both bands.

Is this possible?  He got in touch with the Teamup team.

No problem!

Firstly, Mark merges his two existing band calendars into one by using the new Import feature.  Now he has a master calendar with 8 sub-calendars.  Since the calendar list is alphabetically ordered, Mark uses a pre-fix (a number or a symbol) in front of each calendar name.  This is optional but helps Mark to see the members of each band together visually.

Music band gig schedule
The calendar administrator sees all calendars

He then generated two customized calendar links.  One is named “Band 1” that shares only the sub-calendars of band 1, and “Band 2” shares that of band 2 only.

Calendar links for bank1
Band 1 members see only calendars of band 1 members
Calendar links for band 2
Band 2 members see only calendars of band 2 members

This works fine for Mark now.  If he needs more sophisticated access control later, he has the alternative to generate 8 customized calendar links, one for each band member.  Instead of sharing the same link with the other members of the band, everyone would get a unique link from Mark with the modify-from-same-link permission to his own calendar but read-only to the sub-calendars of other members of the same band.  If a member leaves the band, Mark simply deletes that member’s link without having to change anyone else’s calendar link.  Mark could see everything, the band members could see everything for everyone in that band but not the other band.

Have you got a special requirement for sharing information?  Learn more about the flexible sharing possibilities Teamup offers, or get in touch with us.  We are happy to help.

Using Teamup REST API for Automated Reminders – An Implementation with Windows Powershell

This is a guest blog post by Rob Smith.  A Carnegie Mellon Systems Engineer, Rob has been working with Powershell for many years and uses it extensively for interfacing with REST and created general systems for automation and administration.  Two of his passions are coding in Windows Powershell and playing music.  Here is the story of how Teamup allowed him to more efficiently schedule monthly jam sessions while using his programming skills with Powershell.

There is a community of musicians in the Pittsburgh area who get together on the first Friday of every month to play acoustic music.  The “Tunedown” travels to different host locations month to month. When the group was formed eight years ago, we had a basic email membership list for communication and I would coordinate the schedule. As the membership grew (currently 30 members), it became more difficult to manage the schedule.  I found myself having to send updated schedules more often, as folks would change plans, resolving scheduling conflicts, etc.

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How Teamup helps pavement company schedule jobs for people who build and repair our roads

Story from Teresa Ortiz, Holbrook Asphalt, USA

A year ago  we were using Google Calendar.  In our business, this calendar is almost our Bible.  Myself and another person schedule all of our jobs on this calendar.  In the summer, it is crazy.  We need the different colors to signify the type of work we are doing.  We might be doing a sealcoat on asphalt, or just crackfill.  We have 3 superintendents who have access to the calendar and the colors help them to know what is coming up, and to prepare the crew assignments.  So our “calendars” are actually just different jobs.

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