How this Primary School Uses Teamup for Transportation Management

We recently heard from Jean-Paul Rollinger, coordinator, IT manager, and transport manager for Ecole Fondamentale (Primary School) Steinfort in Luxembourg. Jean-Paul and his colleagues have been using Teamup for the school’s transportation management. He shared with us how Teamup is an effective tool for the organization.

“At Ecole Fondamentale Steinfort (a Luxembourgish elementary school), I am responsible for school transportation, overseeing trips to and from school, as well as various outings like swimming, sports, and excursions. Until October 2023, we managed these journeys using Excel sheets, creating a new one weekly due to the dynamic nature of our trips. The process took 2-3 hours every week.

Discovering Teamup software was a game-changer. It provides a calendar structure with sub-calendars for each bus and driver. Entries for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly trips can be easily added, and the software includes a practical app. Drivers can access real-time updates on trip changes, making communication seamless.

An additional feature involves assigning trips to different calendars for updates. For example, if a new trip is added, the driver sees it highlighted as if it belongs to two calendars, providing a clear visual cue that changes have occurred. Communication among colleagues has drastically improved, eliminating the need for traditional trip sheets. Colleagues receive a link leading directly to the calendar entry, ensuring they stay informed about any alterations.

Teamup, coupled with iOS and Android apps, has streamlined our processes, making it an invaluable tool for our school. It not only eases administrative tasks but also enhances communication, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.”

We’re so glad that Teamup is helpful for Jean-Paul and the team at Ecole Fondamentale Steinfort. See more user stories about Teamup in action. 

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