August Update: Yearly planning, schedule visibility, RSS, and helpful tips

Teamup monthly updates August 2023

In this August monthly update, take a look at how Teamup helps with better yearly planning. Learn how to combine multiple calendars and get on top of back-to-school scheduling. And get inspired by two new user stories. We’ll show you how to make better use of Scheduler view, get Teamup news through RSS, and share free printable calendars. Scroll on down for all this and more in Teamup’s August 2023 monthly update.

1. Highlight: Better yearly planning with Teamup

Would it be easier for you to plan for the year ahead if you can see what you already have on your calendar in the months to come? If the answer if yes, read on.

Typical calendars, like Google Cal, don’t give you the ability to see what’s on your calendar for the entire year at a glance. Google’s year view (see live if you’re logged in Google) is simply a calendar grid without signs of events and plans already scheduled for the year. To view the events and schedules you need to consider, you have to flip between weeks or months.

If you’re tired of making trade-offs, it’s time to try Teamup. See an entire year on one page, get clear visual cues about the events spread over the year, and combine multiple calendars so you can see everything!

2. This month’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Create an overview calendar from multiple schedules

Quit juggling multiple calendars and end schedule conflicts by bringing everything together.

A schedule overview in a single calendar with ical schedule feeds

A small business solution to track employee hours

Create a simple but effect system and let employee input their own hours.

Methods to prevent information overwhelm

Try these methods to set up calendar access for yourself and others so everyone sees what they need to see, without distraction.

Shortcut to show preferred sub-calendar in editor

Here’s a quick way to have the event editor prefilled with the sub-calendar you prefer when you create a new event.


Get better insights with calendar views

Switch between a long-range view of calendar data and a spreadsheet-like format to get better insights from your calendar data.

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3. Product updates and news

Configure default date range and resolution in Scheduler

We recently updated the configuration options for our enhanced Scheduler view. Now you can go to Settings > Calendar views and set a default range of days, weeks, or months, and a corresponding default resolution. These defaults will ensure that Scheduler opens in the most useful settings for the way you work, whether that’s viewing a single day in 30-minute increments or looking 4 weeks ahead with 1-day resolution.

Default date range of 4 weeks with 1-day resolution. You can still adjust date range and resolution while using Scheduler view.


The Teamup Ticker is more of a news stream than a typical calendar. It is updated daily with product news and practical tips for using Teamup to solve real world problems. It is all about making the most out of Teamup. We simply use the calendar timeline to organize news and tips as we release product improvements and share creative solutions we’ve learned in working with our customers every day.

Since RSS is one of the most common ways for reading news digitally, we’ve made our Ticker calendar available via RSS feeds.

Just add the following feed URL to your favorite RSS Reader:


4. New user stories

Color-Coded Schedule Visibility for Assembly Workers

Read the story: LEGG Windows & Doors

This pair of screens is displayed directly at the end of our assembly area of our factories, mostly for our assembly team to see the Days/Week calendar from Teamup and can see the current level of completed tasks on the ESP screen. Also, on Teamup we display small events with details that we place later in the days (after hours) for the delivery guys to see what jobs they have to load. This keeps the day’s events neater.
-Michael Peachey, Director and Sales Manager, LEGG Windows and Doors

👉 Learn how this small manufacturing business is creating schedule visibility with Teamup.


A Customized Shipping Calendar to Track Key Order Details

Read the story: Snorkel Hot Tubs

Custom fields help track key order details on this shipping calendar

We need something to replace our Excel-based shipping calendar. We use it to post orders on the dates they are supposed to be shipped out. They are color-coded based on status: to be shipped, urgent, shipped, etc. …After a little tinkering we got a calendar (and sub-calendars) set up and it is working very well for us. We use it to schedule shipping of our hot tubs, payment status for each, and other details.
-Tom Slater, Snorkel Hot Tubs

💧Get inspired with this Seattle-based company’s simple and effective shipping calendar.


5. Inspiration: Master your back-to-school scheduling

Juggling schedules gets more challenging in busy times, like back-to-school season or the end of summer holidays. Those little organizing difficulties, schedule conflicts, and loose ends that were manageable become too big to ignore. Learn how to create a Teamup family calendar to master these back-to-school scheduling challenges with solutions you can implement today.

An image of children's school supplies, tennis shoes, a phone, and a backpack with the label "Back to School" over it.

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6. User feedback favorites

7. This month’s printable calendars

You can print a full year calendar easily: just switch to Year view, then choose which events to include on the printable calendar by hiding or showing sub-calendars. Hide all sub-calendars for a yearly blank calendar template (or use our printable yearly calendar template):

Print a full year view with Teamup. Adjust the date range as needed.

📰 See all August tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out. View new tickers anytime from your calendar: Click the ⓘ icon in the top right corner. See also tips and ways to access the Ticker calendar to keep up with all things Teamup.

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