Product News

Redesigned Widget and Improved File Attachments on iOS App

New updates to Teamup iOS app include a redesigned widget and improved file uploading.
38 sec read

How to Reset All Outbound iCalendar Feeds

You can reset iCalendar feeds to increase calendar security and control access. Here's how to reset all outbound iCalendar feeds from your Teamup calendar.
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Install the New iOS Widget

The Teamup mobile app for iOS has a helpful widget with 5 different layout options. Here's how to install it on your phone.
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Expand Description Field to Fullscreen and Keep Toolbar in View

Expand the Description field to fullscreen so you can keep the toolbar options in view. It's eaiser to edit long event descriptions and details....
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Enable 2FA for Your Teamup Account

Teamup now supports two-factor authentication (2FA) which adds an additional layer of security for access to your user account.
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Zap of the Month: When a Booking Is Confirmed, Send an SMS Message

Booking appointments, room reservations, or managing shared resources? Set up a Zap for Teamup and Clicksend integration that makes automated booking confirmations a breeze.
1 min read

Zapier Integration: Get Custom Fields Directly Inside Your Zaps and More

Teamup's Zapier integration support all types of custom fields, a unique way to capture, organize, and filter for the important information you need.
Otomar Nemecek
2 min read