Team Collaboration

Hannover Re Used Teamup to Enable Team Collaboration and Open Sessions

Over 50 participants were able to use a Teamup calendar to individually schedule open space sessions at an event; increased team collaboration was easy...
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4 min read

How to Simplify Property Management with a Teamup Calendar

Set up maintenance and cleaning tasks, share contracts, show availability, and stay organized easily.
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5 min read

How to Securely Set Up Calendar Notifications on a Slack Group Channel

Let your team see what’s changing on the calendar without ever leaving Slack.
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6 min read

How Immigration Voice Coordinates Hundreds of Volunteers with Teamup

Two days, three hundred meetings, and several hundred volunteers come together smoothly.
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2 min read

How to Reduce Your Time on Email and Message Threads

Back-and-forth conversation threads are inefficient and a huge source of frustration. Here’s a better method.
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3 min read