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teamup product news New in Teamup Android app: Creating repeating events (1/15/2018) - Good news for users of our Android app: The latest update, version 1.3.0, allows you to create repeating events right in the app. No more need to go back to the Web version to create or edit repeating events.  

teamup product news Check out the latest newsletter if you missed it (11/27/2017) - Teamup continues to deliver product features that make life easier for groups. This edition shares a set of unique features that are still in beta but clearly further differentiate Teamup from other personal calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook.

teamup product news Exciting beta feature: Event Fields Now Customizable (11/14/2017) - Event fields on Teamup are now customizable: Rename the built-in fields like Who and Where, add new custom fields, or reorder fields. Still on beta and not supported on mobile apps yet, this new feature provides more flexibility for calendar administrators to make the calendar work better for their specific needs.

teamup product news Beta Feature: Add Comments to Events (10/29/2017) - We have delivered a new feature: Now you can add comments to specific events. It is available to all users. An event creator can enable this new feature under Options in the event editor.

teamup product news iOS and Android apps: Recent updates (10/19/2017) - If you haven't updated to the latest versions of the iOS (v. 2.2.22) or Android (v. 1.2.65) apps, please do so on the App Store and the Play Store.

teamup product news Options for sharing events now configurable (9/28/2017) - Each event on a Teamup Calendar can be shared via the Share menu which is now configurable by the calendar administrator.  Any single event entry is accessible to users who otherwise may or may not have access to the calendar.

teamup product news Beta version of new calendar views now available (8/18/2017) - We have been completely re-built the calendar views with a new technology. No major changes in functionality or features are expected in the new version, but better performance and improved user experience. Please help us beta test!

teamup product news New version of the iOS app available! (8/9/2017) - Good news for all iPhone and iPad users! Since the release of the new month / week / day views in July, we have made further improvements with the new views. Please update or install.

Teamup iOS app with new day week month views iOS App Update: New day/week/month views available (7/5/2017) - Great news for those who use iPhone and other iOS devices: You can now view your calendar in the month, week, or day views similar to those available on the web version. Update or download the new app now!

Case Study: Construction Crew Scheduling (6/25/2017) - Typical operations in a construction company require different roles to be able to access to the crew schedule with different access permissions. This case demonstrates how Teamup makes it easy for each role to access the information they need…