February Roundup: Scheduling work, managing transportation, and SSO in beta

In February’s roundup, we’re looking at ways to make work scheduling easier and more efficient for the whole team. Learn how to schedule crews and use visual cues. See how Teamup is used to manage transportation and workforce training schedules. Plus: product updates, SSO in beta, free printables, and user feedback.

1. Highlight: Scheduling technical services

Scheduling is an important part of providing professional technical services in any area. You have to know your own team’s availability so you can assign tasks to the right people and schedule resource use. Your team needs access to all the job details so they can do their work efficiently. And, to streamline operations, it’s important to track project status and dependencies and keep organized records of hours, project scope and details, completion dates, and so on.

Teamup is responsibile for streamlining my workday

Learn how Teamup can assist different people in technical services with a system that’s streamlined, secure, and efficient.

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2. Insight: Make crew scheduling easier with visual cues

We know that visual information is easier and faster for our brains to process. With a crew scheduling system that provides visual cues about the scheduling data, you can literally see things at a glance. Find out how to build a customized scheduling system with colors and visual elements that correspond to the important data you’re looking for when you open up the calendar.

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3. User story: Teamup for transportation management

We recently heard from Jean-Paul Rollinger, coordinator, IT manager, and transport manager for Ecole Fondamentale (Primary School) Steinfort in Luxembourg. Jean-Paul and his colleagues have been using Teamup for the school’s transportation management. He shared with us how Teamup is an effective tool for the organization.

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4. February’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Try multi-day Scheduler for an uncluttered view of your week

Set Scheduler view to multiple days, showing 7 days for a week-long view. You’ll see each sub-calendar in its own column, which can provide a less cluttered feeling.

Helpful features you may not have noticed in calendar views

There are many helpful details you may not have noticed in Teamup’s calendar views. For example, in Table view you can toggle only one sub-calendar into view from the Calendars column.

How to see who can modify each sub-calendar

Here are two ways to review which users or links have access to certain sub-calendars.

Two ways to visually show that events are tentative or unconfirmed

Need to make tentative events visually different than confirmed appointments? Here are two methods.

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5. Product updates and news

Play audio and video files uploaded to Teamup events

If you’ve uploaded audio and video files to the Description field, the files will now play on all platforms and browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari on Mac and iOS, iPad app, iPhone app and Android app).

SSO for public beta

As more and more organizations rely on Teamup for core business operations and mission-critical communication, the security aspects of Teamup calendar access have become even more important. One of our top development priorities is Single Sign-on (SSO), which simplifies user administration greatly and improves security. We have now launched SSO for public beta and are inviting all interested parties to check it out. Currently supported are Microsoft Azure with SCIM integration.

Norwegian language, design updates, and improved login pages

This month, we released an updated design with many improvements throughout, updated the Add-to-Calendar links for better sharing of events, and released a redesign of all login pages on Teamup mobile apps. We’re also very pleased to add support for the Norwegian language.

6. Inspiration: Scheduling solution for workforce training

Workforce training organizations have a roster of trainers, often with different specializations, who can conduct various sessions and training events for the client companies. They need a comprehensive, accurate scheduling system to match trainers with client sessions while keeping internal staff and events organized.

With Teamup, schedulers can see all the factors in one place and get clear visual availability of everyone involved. All the training materials and other details can stay in context, right on the calendars. Trainers get customized access to view their schedules and can quickly access everything they need.

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7. User feedback favorites from February

8. Free printables and blank calendars

Did you know you can download and print a daily planner from Teamup? It’s already set up in a downloadable PDF. Print all the days to have a complete set of daily planning pages for March. Or choose selected pages to print if you only want a printable daily planner for certain dates in the next month.

Current printable blank calendars

To print: Ctrl-P on Windows or Cmd-P on Mac.

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