August Updates: Increased file upload size and calendar inspiration

August monthly updates from Teamup calendar

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Take a look at our visual tips for organizing and arranging your calendar in the setup that’s perfect for your needs. Plus, increased size for file uploads and ideas for using event signups.

What’s new this month:

“We are a small UK based (not-for-profit) archery club that needs to now have members book sessions to ensure we do not have too many people shooting at the same time and Teamup allows us to manage that.

Improved session memory

August monthly updates for Teamup include better login and session memory in browser

Our most recent update improves how a browser handles the “Remember Me” option for your Teamup user account login.

When you log in, the Remember Me option will keep the browser from prematurely ending your session and asking you to log in again. So, be sure to check the box beside “Remember Me” when you log into your Teamup user account.

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Increased size for uploaded files

With Teamup on a free plan, you can insert an image or file to any calendar event, via URL or Dropbox.

On a paid plan, you can upload files to your calendar. We’ve recently doubled the maximum size of uploaded documents from 10 MB to 20 MB and improved the error handling if a file is too large.

It is a gorgeous app. It is a work agenda for appointments, graphically beautiful, fast to use and complete with functions, it is also instantly synchronized on all mobile devices and PCs. You can also have the backup in pdf. It has no comparison!

Calendar inspiration

A few of our favorite ideas for organizing and arranging your calendar. The right calendar setup makes all the difference!

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Arrange sub-calendars in folders

To organize sub-calendars in folders, go to Settings > Calendars and edit each sub-calendar with “Folder Name > “Sub-Calendar Name.”

Use nested folders

These sub-calendars are organized by program type. Nested folders make it easy to find the type of program that’s relevant.

Organize by region

Organizing sub-calendars by region works well for large organizations. Create folders for each region, and arrange individual calendars inside. Need to sub-divide regions? Use nested folders.

Organize by student

Work with multiple students with this calendar setup. One sub-calendar per student and one per tutor allows a clear view of availability and booked tutoring sessions. This arrangement can work well for coaches, clients, and others who need to book multiple appointments.

Streamline workflow

Use numbers to arrange sub-calendars in the order you want, and put in the appropriate folder for the type of project or content. Then move tasks and events through a streamlined workflow.

Thank you for the terrific product, I absolutely love it! I have been using the free version to organize Zoom meetings around the globe for my spiritual group.”

Ideas for event signups

Learn about the event signups feature and how it can make your life easier.

Missing email notifications from your calendar?

Check these tips to get your email notifications the way you want them.

Multiple ways to access Teamup

An overview of how to access Teamup on a web browser, mobile browser, or mobile apps.

We use teamup up in a school administration setting. We have several calendar feeds (mostly from Outook) compiled onto one calendar. It is helping us tremendously!”

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