March Roundup: Time zones, status updates, and sharing events to Outlook

This month, our roundup includes help for handling time zones, a solution for sharing status updates, power tips from the Teamup Ticker, enhanced sharing to Outlook, ideas for easier scheduling, and how to print a task list from your calendar.

1. Highlight: Automated time zone conversion

For businesses operating in multiple regions, teams collaborating remotely, or anyone who travels, time zone adjustments can cause extra stress, inefficiency, and lots of frustration. At this time of year, there’s even more confusion as Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts or ends on different dates in different regions. Fortunately, Teamup can automate time zone conversion and make life easier:

See how this global community in 30+ time zones relies on Teamup for automatic time conversion.

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of Teamup’s time zone support, we’d love to hear from you. Share your story!

Read more: Automated time conversion with Teamup

2. Inspiration: Automated status updates for customers

Use this method to share event updates with limited details.

Many businesses use Teamup to schedule jobs and track status updates internally. And, to keep others informed, many businesses set up customized calendar access for other stakeholders. What if you want to share status updates with clients automatically, too? You may not want them to see all the internal details, files, notes, and links attached to the job, but you need to automate sharing status updates. Here’s a workable solution.

3. Use case: Easier athletics department scheduling

An organized calendar for managing all the dimensions of athletics scheduling.

Any school with an athletics program faces the challenge of coordinating all the factors involved. For example, to schedule a home game for the baseball team, you need to know availability for the stadium, the team and coaches, trainers, umpires, and the opposing team. If the team is playing away from home, you need to coordinate transportation.

Every practice, game, or event means comparing and coordinating several elements, and it can be quite a challenge. See how Teamup works as a streamlined athletics scheduling system that simplifies the process, reduces administrative load, and still keeps everyone updated.

4. March’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Create repeating events every 2 weeks

Create events that repeat every 2 weeks or every [X] number of weeks, as needed. You can set this up on a browser or on the Teamup app.

Prevent users from syncing or sharing calendar events

As a calendar administrator, you can disable iCalendar feeds and configure sharing options.

Scroll across weeks or months in Multi-week view

In Multi-week view, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through any number of weeks (up to 52).

To change the date range, scroll through the date picker (top left). Then continue using the mouse wheel to scroll through weeks.

Preview attachments in the Teamup app

On the Teamup app, you can tap any file to preview and swipe to preview multiple attached files.

Show who’s been assigned to an event without sharing their sub-calendar

If you don’t want to share individual sub-calendars, use a pre-populated user field to show task assignments or meeting attendees instead.

The custom field contents are visible to everyone who can see the event with details.

5. Product updates and news

Enhanced event sharing options for Outlook

We recently updated our event sharing options to support sharing events to all three versions of Microsoft Outlook Calendar:

  1. Outlook: An installed Windows application, part of the Office 365 suite. 
  2. Outlook on the web: The web client for the above, also part of Office 365.
  3. The free Outlook offering of Microsoft.

Previously, Teamup only supported the event sharing to Outlook, the installed Windows application. Now you can share events from Teamup to all three versions of Outlook. 

We also updated the event sharing menu:


Optimized app performance

We recently released a new version of the Teamup app for both iOS and Android.

This release optimizes the communication between server and app to reduce processing time and improve app performance.

Visit the App store or the Play store to update to the latest version.

6. Insight: Top 8 challenges in field services scheduling

Field services provide essential support in many industries. Often, a project can’t continue or overall business operations are at a standstill without the support provided by field crews. So, field service scheduling is an important consideration. Here’s a look at the top challenges with crew scheduling in field services, and how to handle them (with a little help from Teamup).

7. User feedback favorites from March

8. Free printables and blank calendars

Sometimes it’s easier to work from a physical task list – a piece of paper you can tuck into your pocket, tack to the wall, or set out on your desk.

Use Table view to print an organized task list with check boxes, space for notes, and relevant details.

Here’s a way to print a customized task list for your day or week, right from your Teamup calendar. It even has checkboxes, and you can include space for handwritten notes too.

Current printable blank calendars

To print: Ctrl-P on Windows or Cmd-P on Mac.

 See all March tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out on the calendar or collected on our News page.

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