January Roundup: Room booking, information flow, and scheduling research

In January, Teamup once again successfully supported media bookings for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. In this month’s roundup, learn about successful room bookings and improving information flow. See how an NU research team uses Teamup to schedule clinical studies. Plus: Get power tips and printables, and start time blocking.

1. Highlight: Media room booking at WEF

Teamup once again powered the media booking at World Economic Forum 2024 Annual Meeting in Davos. Hundreds of journalists representing top tier media brands from around the world were able to self-book interview rooms on a Teamup Calendar. It’s a simple and efficient system that eliminates the need to email, call or text to the WEF staff. The solution is adaptable, scalable and secure.

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2. Insight: Improve efficiency with better information flow

Healthy information flow is vital for business success. To make your team effective, you need to eradicate information bottlenecks and streamline manual processes. That might mean setting up a job information system so crew members can access details and capture on-site service documentation. Or maybe you need to merge the operational silos so teams can collaborate and make informed decisions. Start by taking a step back, reviewing key areas, and asking questions to identify the best ways to improve operations with better information flow in your business.

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3. User story: NU research team

Research teams often need to coordinate shared lab space and specialized equipment. When they’re running clinical studies, they also need to schedule visits and follow-ups for study participants. Of course, they still need to manage team availability and keep up with other tasks. Learn how this busy research team uses Teamup to keep their scheduling coordinated.

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4. January’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

How to include two mapped locations on an event

An example: you may need to share a pick up location and a drop off location for a scheduled delivery. Here’s how you could handle this scenario.

How to create a pre-populated user field

Create a custom choice field and add each user name as an option for a pre-populated user field.

Securely share access to files, documents, links, etc.

Upload files, documents, images, and add links to Teamup events as an easy, secure way to share materials; for example, upload homework assignments and link resources to share with students and parents.

📱How to open your calendar in a browser from the Teamup app

If you are on the Teamup app, here’s how to open the calendar in a web browser rather than the app.

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5. Product updates and news

Teamup app updates: Android version 1.18.0 and iOS version 2.16.5

New app releases bring improvements to the login flow and dashboard, security, and description text formatting.

It’s easier to add calendar links to your dashboard.

Event field names, new columns in Table view

You can now create longer event field names (up to 60 characters). Longer event field names are helpful for providing prompts or instructions for your calendar users. We also added new columns in Table view to show start and end day names.

6. Inspiration: Time blocking

Time blocking is a simple but powerful way to plan your days. It helps you to turn each day from a puzzling mix of scheduled events and unscheduled tasks to a simple, doable plan. Whether you prefer planning on paper or using a digital tool, you can start time blocking today with Teamup.

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7. User feedback favorites from January

8. Printables and blank calendars

Here’s a printable you can use as you build new habits and stay focused on your priorities. Sometimes it’s more motivating to track your progress on paper. And it can help to have the constraint of a printed weekly planner as you choose where your time will go. 

White and Light Blue Simple Weekly Schedule Document A4 (1).png

This weekly planner is created with a blank printable weekly calendar from Teamup.

Current printable blank calendars

To print: Ctrl-P on Windows or Cmd-P on Mac.

 See all January tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out. The easiest might be to click the ⓘ icon in the top right corner on your calendar. See also tips and ways to access the Ticker calendar to keep up with all things Teamup.

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