Are You Missing the Benefits of a Teamup User Account?

Calendar editing screen on laptop and calendar list on iphone

Teamup user accounts bring more power to your Teamup calendar experience: account-based access, a calendar dashboard, syncing across devices, event reminders, and customized notifications.

A Teamup user account is free, and enables certain features that you won’t be able to use otherwise. Register here for your Teamup user account, or read on to learn about the benefits.

Table of Contents:

Account-based calendar access

If your calendar is already on our new billing system, you can benefit from account-based calendar access.

Teamup now allows the calendar administrator to grant calendar access to Teamup registered users through their user account. Account-based calendar access provides more security and a finer degree of control and efficiency than granting calendar access via shareable links.

You can also put users into groups. Groups are a convenient way to organize users. Let’s say you have a sales team of 10 people. They all need the same access to the calendar. Instead of going through the tedious process of assigning the sub-calendars and permissions for each of these users, you can create a group. You’ll set the access permissions for the entire group, then add individual users to the group.

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Calendar dashboard

Once you create a user account, you can log in and view your Teamup calendars in your calendar dashboard. If you regularly work with Teamup–especially if you work with more than one Teamup calendar– the calendar dashboard will very helpful. It remembers all your calendars for you in one place and is accessible from anywhere.

Take a look:

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Syncing across devices

Teamup has free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. With a user account, you can stay synced across all devices and platforms. All you have to do is login to your user account. Your calendar dashboard will automatically sync, so all your Teamup calendars are instantly accessible from anywhere.

Synced calendar dashboard and user account for iOS app update
The Teamup mobile app for iOS

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Event reminders

Event reminders automatically alert you about an upcoming event. Reminders are sent at a specified time before an event starts. Currently, reminders are delivered by email only. You can set up reminders for a single event–one reminder or multiple reminders, at the times you specify. For example, if you have an important family event, you could set up a reminder for 3 hours before so you have time to finish work, and for 1 hour before so you have enough time to get there.

Use event reminders to notify you of upcoming events.
You can set up multiple event reminders for a single event or sub-calendar.

Or you can set up automatic reminders for all events on a selected sub-calendar (or multiple sub-calendars). For example, if you have a Meetings sub-calendar, you could set a reminder for all events so you never miss a meeting. Or if you have multiple sub-calendars with project deadlines or work events, you could set reminders for all events on those sub-calendars, if desired.

Event reminders are only available for users who are logged into their Teamup account. They are not supported yet on the mobile apps and therefore can only be set up in desktop or mobile Web browsers.

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Manage your notifications

Teamup supports email notifications, daily agenda emailsSlack notifications, and event reminders. You can receive notifications even without a user account, as long as a calendar administrator has set up a notification subscription for you.

However, if you wish to set up your own notification subscriptions, or modify your notification preferences, you must be logged in to your Teamup user account. When logged in, you can set your preferences for when to receive notifications, and which events to be notified about.

Set your notification preferences for sub-calendars and changes.

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If you are a calendar administrator and have been using an administrator link, consider switching to account access for yourself and your users. Learn more about sharing your calendar by adding account users.