November Updates for Teamup

As we approach a holiday season and the year’s end, we take time to reflect on all we’re thankful for in the past year. Here at Teamup, we are thankful for work that is meaningful and the opportunity to make work and life easier for many.

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The Android app search function

The latest update for our Android app includes the ability to search your calendar events in the app. You can filter your calendar events by keyword to find just what you’ve looking for, quickly. Simple tap the Magnifying Glass icon, enter a keyword, and see the filtered results.

The same functionality is in beta for our iOS app. If you’d like to join the beta program and try out new features with us, send us an email and we’ll get you started.

🔗 More details: Search on Teamup Mobile App for Android

My family and I run a primitive skills camp in AZ and TX. We have loved your calendar because it has allowed us to make scheduling of our 100 instructors (with up to 60 class a day) a dream.

Stay organized for the holidays

Teamup customizable blank calendars for printable or digital use

The holidays bring plenty of extra events and activities to organize; instead of hand-drawing or searching for the right calendar configuration, use Teamup. Choose the calendar view you want (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and set the date range as needed. Then print from your browser or download as a PDF to use on your tablet or laptop.

You can also use your own calendar as printable template: to make it “blank” for printing, simply select All at the top of the sub-calendar list. This will toggle off all sub-calendars from view, hiding all events on the calendar. Once you’ve printed the blank calendar, click All again to bring all sub-calendars back into view.

Preconfigured blank calendars:

🔗 See how to print from your browser, or 10 ways to use a printable calendar for more ideas.

We use the calendar (which after searching a dozen or more calendar types out there, fits our needs nearly perfectly!) to schedule contractors on different jobs, at different locations.

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Benefits of a Teamup user account

Calendar editing screen on laptop and calendar list on iphone
Stay synced and updated with a Teamup user account

Teamup user accounts bring more power to your Teamup calendar experience: a calendar dashboard, syncing across devices, event reminders, and customized notifications.

A Teamup user account is free, and enables certain features that you won’t be able to use otherwise. Register here for your Teamup user account, or read on to learn about the benefits.

🔗 Are You Missing the Benefits of a Teamup User Account?

“So far I’m loving your application. It’s a standalone calendaring application with great collaboration options and an intuitive UI.

User story

Handle multiple timezones with an embedded Teamup calendar

A Teamup calendar used for global gatherings

An embedded Teamup calendar helps the Now What?! Collective easily schedule global gatherings that everyone can see in their local time zone.

Their online format makes it possible for participants to connect from anywhere; the challenge comes with communicating in the appropriate time zone for each person.

To overcome the challenge, there is an embedded Teamup calendar in the Now What?! Collective website. It is set to default to the local time zone of the viewer so that each person can see the available call times in their own time zone.

🔗 Global Gatherings Scheduled with Embedded Teamup Calendar

Love the app, and website. Both are super easy to use and very convenient.”

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