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crew-schedule-header Case Study: Construction Crew Scheduling (6/25/2017) - Typical operations in a construction company require different roles to be able to access to the crew schedule with different access permissions. This case demonstrates how Teamup makes it easy for each role to access the information they need…

Teamup Slack integration Slack Integration: Get Instant Notifications of Calendar Changes (6/16/2017) - We've made it clearer now about how to create a Teamup Slack integration so you can be notified of changes on your Teamup Calendar via Slack. It is recommended that only the calendar administrator should set up integrations for group channels, while everyoe can get notified in one's private channel.

teamup product news header Signup for Events (5/28/2017) - The new signup feature is an option that can be activated inside the event editor for each event. If signup is activated, calendar users can sign up for an event with their name and email address. You as the event organizer can easily keep an overview of who have signed up.

teamup product news header Teamup is now available in more than 10 languages (5/27/2017) - Besides English, Teamup is now available in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Hungarian, and Czech.

teamup product news header Try the New PDF Print – Now Independent of Browsers (5/25/2017) - You can now print or save your calendar view to a PDF file. This allows you to print what you see on the screen more reliably independent of the browser you use.

teamup product news header Recent Improvements and Bug Fixes on the iOS App (5/16/2017) - Over the past weeks, we've released new versions of the Teamup iOS app. Here's a list of the main usability improvements and bug fixes. Check them out if you haven't seen.

teamup product news header Quick Tutorials for the new iOS and Android Apps (4/29/2017) - Have you installed or updated to the latest version of Teamup for iOS and Android devices? For each app we have put together a quick tutorial with annotated screenshots.

App 2.0 for iOS Re-designed iOS App 2.0 Goes Live! (4/9/2017) - Great news for those of you who use iPhone and iPad: A new version of the Teamup app for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store for download!

configurable display for events assigned to multiple calendars New Configuration Option for Display of Events Assigned to Multiple Calendars (3/7/2017) - We listened to your feedback and have released a new version that allows administrators to choose the look with or without the colored stripes for events assigned to multiple calendars.

teamup product news header New look for events assigned to multiple calendars (2/28/2017) - When an event is assigned to multiple calendars, the event is now displayed in color stripes with the colors of the assigned calendars. The stripes provide quick visual clues that the event is assigned to multiple calendars. It eliminates the duplication of events and makes better use of the space.