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App 2.0 for iOS Re-designed iOS App 2.0 Goes Live! (4/9/2017) - Great news for those of you who use iPhone and iPad: A new version of the Teamup app for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store for download!

configurable display for events assigned to multiple calendars New Configuration Option for Display of Events Assigned to Multiple Calendars (3/7/2017) - We listened to your feedback and have released a new version that allows administrators to choose the look with or without the colored stripes for events assigned to multiple calendars.

teamup product news header New look for events assigned to multiple calendars (2/28/2017) - When an event is assigned to multiple calendars, the event is now displayed in color stripes with the colors of the assigned calendars. The stripes provide quick visual clues that the event is assigned to multiple calendars. It eliminates the duplication of events and makes better use of the space.

teamup product news header Improved Agenda View (1/15/2017) - Check out the improved agenda view - cleaner, more compact, and more user friendly!

teamup product news header New Event Editor and Viewer! (1/6/2017) - Exciting news: We have re-built the event editor and event viewer with a new technology and a completely new interface! They are responsive and vertically expandable, making viewing and editing events much better experience on both computers and mobile devices.

Printable calendars and planners 2017 Free Printable 2017 Blank Calendars & Planners (12/31/2016) - How exciting it is to have a whole new year in front of us again! New start, new hope, new plans! Come to discover Teamup Printables: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners. Or choose your preferred dates and duration to print your own custom calendar at any time for any purpose. And it's always free!

teamup product news header iOS App supports location maps & image upload (12/30/2016) - A new version of Teamup Calendar App for iOS is available. It supports linking event location to Google Maps, and uploading images from camera or albums. More important improvements will come up soon. Stay tuned!

Teamup Slack integration New Slack integration with the Slack button (12/12/2016) - Getting Teamup notifications on Slack channels just got easier! No more webhooks. Now just a button to click! Introducing the new Teamup app for Slack so that you can always get notified on your Slack channel whenever changes occur on your Teamup Calendar.

teamup product news header Teamup for Android 2.0: Day/week/month views are now available (12/6/2016) - Exciting news for Teamup Android users: You can now see your calendar in the day view, week view, or month view in addition to the list view. To change views, simply open the left sidebar and choose your view.

Teamup inbound iCalendar feeds How to have all your calendars in one place with no fuss (11/21/2016) - With the new inbound iCalendar feeds, it is now possible to make Teamup your go-to calendar to view all your schedules and plans in one place, regardless if they are administered by your group or events organized by someone else.