Scheduling Work

5 Principles for Easier, More Efficient Employee Scheduling

Take the pain out of shift scheduling, variable schedules, or task assignment. Here are five principles for easier, better, efficient employee scheduling. Scheduling employees...
Annie Mueller
4 min read

How to Schedule Work with a Teamup Calendar

Scheduling work doesn’t have to be a time-consuming hassle. Schedule work with a Teamup calendar for more delegation and less frustration. Scheduling work means...
Annie Mueller
4 min read

Crew Scheduling with Individual Calendar Views

For work crews and project managers, keeping things on schedule and enabling clear communication is necessary. Otherwise, there’s chaos and inefficiency. However, it’s often...
Annie Mueller
2 min read

How to Use Your Teamup Calendar as a Kanban Board

Create a powerful, customizable Kanban board that you and your team can use without ever leaving your calendar. Simplify your workflow and work efficiently....
3 min read