Tips & tricks for making the best use of Teamup Calendar

Tips & Tricks

How to add a holiday calendar to your Teamup

Including public holidays in a team calendar is a frequent need. With the new inbound iCalendar feeds you can easily add a holiday...
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How to add a holiday calendar to your Teamup Calendar

Including public holidays in a company or team calendar is a frequent need.  With Teamup’s new feature for inbound iCalendar feeds, it is easy...
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Use Teamup to Organize Tradeshow Staffing and Coordinate Teams

A medium-sized food manufacturing company sends teams to 4-5 industry tradeshows each year across the United States with anywhere from 4 to 8 staff...
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Changed your mind? You can undo!

It happens to all of us sometimes:  You added or modified an entry on your calendar but then you changed your mind.  Now you...
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Getting Around Teamup App for iOS

The long-awaited Teamup mobile app for iOS is now available in the App Store for download.  While it is the same Teamup Calendar you...
Jenny Zhan
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How to Jazz Up Events with Images

Update, March 2019: We’ve added lots of features and made significant improvements and updates since this announcement. Read the latest on our blog, check...
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How to Make Everyone View the Calendar in Local Time Zone

A user asked: “We will be sharing the calendar with people who live across the U.S.; how can we set the meeting time (in...
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How to allow someone to modify his own calendar but view only those of others

A customer asked the following: “I created a calendar for each employee and would like give them permission to edit their own calendar.  However,...
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Teamup Calendar Review: Become A Productivity Ninja from LifeHack

Update, March 2019: We’ve introduced many new features and significant updates and improvements since this review. Be sure to check out the latest features...
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