Tips & tricks for making the best use of Teamup Calendar

Tips & Tricks

How to Set the Date Range for Calendar Search to Start ‘Today’

If you wish to quickly switch this range to start on 'Today'. To have the search starting today, click the forwards once and backwords...
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How to Set Up an Event Field for Numerical Information

If you would like to show numerical attributes of an event such as $20 or 50kg, create a number field which is a type...
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Improve security by replacing the administrator link with an account-based administrator user

If you have been using an administrator link to manage your calendar, it is recommended to add yourself as an account-based administrator user for...
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How to Copy or Move Events to Today

To copy or move an event to Today, right-click the event and select the option from the context menu.
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Use Lead Time Zone for Repeating Events to Avoid Event Time Confusion

It's the time of the year that many regions around the world are starting the Daylight Saving Time. For repeating events, it's important to...
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Adjusting the Calendar Resolution to Display More Information

You can adjust the calendar resolution when using time grid calendar views. A 5-minute resolution gives more space than a 60-minute resolution to display...
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Keeping Your Customers Informed When Things Are Uncertain

Is your business adapting to changing rules and regulations in this time of pandemic? It's important to keep your customers informed of changes that...
Sarah Mitchell
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Show Synced Teamup Calendar Events as ‘Reserved’

Sync your Teamup calendar to another calendar system to show availability. Create a special new link (Settings > Sharing) in your Teamup calendar with...
Miranda Ring
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Active Links in Event Fields

Teamup has long supported active links in the Description field. Now you can also add active links in the event fields. In read-only views and event...
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September Updates: Edit event field names, do more with iCal feeds

Despite all the transitions and challenges of this year, life keeps going. We hope Teamup makes your daily routines and work easier. Here are...
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Print Multiple Months of Teamup Calendar

Even in our online world, there may be a need to have a paper copy of your Teamup calendar. In some cases, you might...
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Add and Deactivate Sub-Calendars for Time-Limited Projects

If you manage projects for yourself, with your team, or for clients, you may find your calendar needs changing. For example, you may have...
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Integrate Teamup Calendar with MS Teams

Do you use MS Teams? If so, your Teamup calendar can be easily integrated with your MS Teams environment. Anyone who is part of...
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How to Print a Current Calendar

User Question: Is there a way to send a link that will automatically take you to the print page to print the calendar? This...
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Find Missing Email Notifications

You can set up email notifications from Teamup. If you have done so, but you aren’t receiving email notifications from your Teamup Calendar, here...
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