15 Ways the Teamup App Can Make Your Life Easier

Do you use your Teamup Calendar to stay organized for work, do family and personal scheduling, or keep up with groups or projects? You may be used to viewing or scheduling events mostly in a browser. But it’s not always convenient to pull out a laptop or sit down at your desk. With the Teamup app, you can stay updated and manage scheduling on your phone or tablet, too. Here are some ways the Teamup app can make life a little more convenient.

Table of contents

  1. Stay synced no matter where you are
  2. View events even when you’re offline
  3. Reference travel documents
  4. Share details or files with someone else
  5. Save a marked-up reference photo
  6. See your schedule at-a-glance
  7. Quickly find specific information
  8. Set up reminders for any event
  9. Preview attached files
  10. Get directions to an event
  11. Call a phone number
  12. Save an event as a PDF
  13. Access files from the cloud
  14. See weather reports and holidays
  15. Keep a live event journal

A mobile screen showing a colorful list of events in the Teamup app next to three customer reviews: Very easy to use and organized, Love Teamup, and Works great.


1. Stay synced anywhere you go

You may not always have your computer handy, but you probably always have your phone with you or near you. Even if you prefer to do scheduling on your computer, the Teamup app gives you an easy way to stay updated, check event details, or share events with others – no matter where you are.

2. View events even if you’re offline

You may not have Internet access, or might be in an area without cell coverage. You can still view your calendar and see event details, even when you’re offline. So important information, like the address for an event, is accessible even if there’s no signal. If you make changes, the calendar will sync once you’re back online.
The Teamup app on a phone screen showing event details with a linked PDF file and an inline image of an airline ticket.

3. Reference travel documents

No matter how you’re traveling, there are a lot of details to remember. Save it all on your Teamup Calendar: departure time, gate number, ticket number, hotel name and address. You can even upload images and files. You don’t have to print papers or frantically search for that saved receipt. Just open the relevant event to see the details and notes, preview attached files, and view images.

4. Share details or files with someone else

Sometimes you need to share event information with others, whether you’re with them or not. If you’re traveling with friends, share the itinerary so they can see details, locations, links, and documents you’ve saved on the calendar. Or, perhaps your child is going on a school trip without you. Text the event page to your child, so they have what they need like a permission slip, receipt, or waiver.

5. Upload a marked-up photo

Three mobile screens showing how to save an edited image to the Files, then upload it from Files to an event on a Teamup calendar with the Teamup app

You can upload edited images to the Teamup app. So if you’re marking up measurements or other reference notes, you can do so right on the photo. Then save the edited image, upload it to your calendar, and it’s there with your notes and marks when you need it.

6. See your schedule at a glance

Two mobile screens showing variations of the Teamup widget and the settings for the widget. Seeing what comes next can help you stay on track throughout your day. Add one of the widgets for the Teamup app to your home screen or lock screen. There are different sizes, so you can control how much screen space it takes up. Customize the widget so it mirrors the Teamup app or shows specified sub-calendars.

7. Quickly find specific information

Your calendar can easily become an information hub. If you keep notes, add comments, save photos, add links, and upload documents to an event, it’s easy to find everything you need later. If you know the date of an event, scroll right to it. Or, filter to see events that match certain criteria or search for a keyword to quickly find the details you need, when you need them.

8. Add reminders for any event

Event reminders are notifications, sent by email, about an upcoming event. Maybe you’re scheduling a follow-up appointment and want to remind yourself of it the day before, so you have time to prepare. When you create the event, go ahead and create a reminder, too. You can create multiple event reminders, too, or set up event reminders for all events on a sub-calendar.

9. Preview attached filesA gif showing how to swipe through uploaded files in the Attachments field on the Teamup app so you can preview the files (images, PDFs) without opening them.

If you’ve uploaded documents and images to the Attachments field on any event, you can preview them on the Teamup app. It’s a convenient way to grab a bit of information you might need. For example, if you’ve uploaded a PDF of a meeting agenda, you can tap to preview and see what’s next. Or you can save reference images and files for a work project; swipe to preview the files when you’re at the job site and need quick information.

10. Get directions to event locations

Two mobile screens showing event details on the Teamup app and the event location opened in a map app like Apple Maps or Google Maps.If there’s an address in the Where field, you can automatically get the mapped location. Just tap the Open Map link to get directions without needing to copy and paste an address into a separate app or GPS system. If the address isn’t exact, you’ll get a list of matching options in the map so you can choose the correct one.

11. Call a phone number

When you’re running late, you can call a phone number directly from event details. A number in any text field becomes “clickable” on the Teamup app. So instead of pausing to look up the contact information, you can just long press or tap to dial the right number.

12. Save an event as a PDF

You may want to save an event as a PDF file for later reference, to send to your computer for printing, or to share outside of your calendar. Use the print option to create a PDF from any event. You can save it, share it with someone else, or send it via email or messaging.

13. Access files from thecloud

Two mobile screens, showing event details in the Teamup app with a link to a google doc, then the document opened in Google Docs app on mobile

Lots of people use cloud-based file storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. It can be a little awkward to navigate through your files and find a particular document on a small mobile screen. Make it easier by adding the file link to the relevant events. Just tap to open the needed document.

14. See weather reports and holidays

Use feeds to get a daily weather report or see holidays. Any public calendar with an iCalendar feed will work: for a sports team, regional events, or community groups. Then you can see all the information in your Teamup calendar, with your own schedule. You don’t have to save separate links, look up holidays, open a group website to find event info, or check the weather in another app.A mobile screen showing event details on the Teamup app. The event comments have an uploaded pdf, an image, and a question from three different people.

15. Keep a live event journal

Create and share a live journal for any event. Grab contacts from a networking event. Capture photos and memories from an outing with friends. On the Teamup app, it’s quick to save photos, text, links, and files. Everything is kept in context, easy to find. And it’s easy to share with others, plus you can enable comments so they can share their own notes, comments, and info with you.

Ready to get the Teamup app? Visit the Play store for Android or the App store for iOS.

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