Create a Shared Live Journal of an Event with Teamup

At professional events, like a trade show or conference, we’re looking for ways to make the most of our experiences. There could be valuable insights, ideas, and reminders about the connections we make and we want to hold on to that information so we can make the best use of it. However, taking photos and jotting down notes during an event often leaves us with disorganized pieces, divorced from their original context. We need a better way to capture this information: something that’s quick to use, easy to share, and keeps everything in context.

Save and share information from any event

Some of the notes we make throughout events are useful for later. For example, if you’re networking at a conference, you might want to take a photo of someone’s business card and jot down reminders about the conversation you had. Later, when you’re ready to follow up, you rely on the information you saved. In this scenario, you need information to be kept in context so you can find it later when you need it.

Some of the information we capture is most useful while the event is happening. Maybe you run into a key contact you want to introduce to a colleague who specializes in their industry. Or maybe you want to share materials from a product demo or observations about a competitor while they can be useful to your team members, during the event. In this scenario, you need information to be shareable, so you can make it accessible to others while it’s relevant.

We often end up using whatever’s already there, in our phones. We cobble together a pseudo-system by taking photos, using the notes app, sending a group text, emailing, sharing a link to Dropbox or iCloud, and so on. But it’s unwieldy, disorganized, and kind of a pain. It can also create interruptions for your colleagues when all you’re trying to do is share information that might be useful. You want them to have access without distracting them from what’s most important in any given moment.

With Teamup, you can easily create and share a live journal for any event that solves these problems. You can capture information quickly: photos, text, links, and files. The information you save is kept in a specific context, on your calendar in the relevant event. It’s easy to find later. And it’s also easy to share with others: streamlined for you, accessible when it’s convenient for them. No unnecessary interruptions, no floating bits of data without context, no digging through all your photos to find just one you need, and no need to jump between emails, texts, notes, and files.

Keep a live event journal

For a live event journal, you can use your own personal or work Teamup Calendar, if you already have one. (If not, create a new calendar to get started.) Let’s say you’re at a conference with your team. You have certain things on your schedule, like meetings or shifts at the exhibition booth. And you have open time for networking, checking out other companies represented, and popping in on sessions.

Capture what happens as it happens

A live event journal entry shared as an event page, on a browser, with notes and priorities in the description field.
A live event journal shared as an event page. Event pages update automatically.

Add an event that will serve as your live journal for the day. You can include a few initial notes like where you are, what you hope to accomplish during the day, and important meetings or activities you’ll be part of. Then you proceed with your day. As you walk down the hall, you snap a photo of the welcome signs and upload it to the event comments. Then you capture a photo of you and a colleague on your first shift at the booth in the exhibition hall. An attendee stops by the booth and chats for a few minutes. After they walk away, you snap a photo of their business card. You add a couple of quick notes for following up.

As the day continues, you can keep capturing ideas, insights, and information. Upload photos and files. Add links. Capture quick notes. It all lives right there. When you’re ready to follow up you can go back to your calendar, to the event date, and review what you saved, in the original context. The event comments are time-stamped, too, recreating a timeline of your day.

Teamup app mobile view of two comments on a live event journal entry. One comment shows a photo of a large auditorium with a presentation happening; the other has a business card.
Use the Teamup app to keep your live journal updated and share info with team members.

Share your live journal with others

Want to share your live journal with others? It’s easy to do. Just use the share option to share your journal as an event page. Then you can copy the event page link and share it with others who want to view your live journal. When you add a note or upload a photo, the event page will automatically update.

Let others contribute and comment

View of comments on a live event journal event page shared on a mobile browser.
A live journal event page on a mobile browser

You can enable event comments for everyone, and let others contribute to the live journal or comment on your entries. So if you’re with a team at the trade show, you could share the link to your live journal event page with your team members. They can view your uploaded photos and add their own photos or notes in the event comments, too.

Another approach: if you’re using a shared team calendar, your team mates can view your event right on the calendar. Grab the Teamup app and use it to capture photos and notes during the event, right on your phone. Other team members can do the same, adding their own live journal events to their own sub-calendars and commenting on yours, as well. It’s a convenient way to capture ideas and interactions as they happen. When you look back, the photos and quick notes will remind you of more details so you can make the most of each experience.

Collaborate on a live team journal

You can also use this approach to keep a team journal. Create a dedicated Team Journal sub-calendar on the shared team calendar. Each team member can add their own live journal events, assigned to both their own sub-calendar and the shared Team Journal sub-calendar. All the live journal entries stay on the dedicated Team Journal calendar; when a team member wants to review what everyone’s added, they can show only the Team Journal calendar to catch up quickly. Each person can add one event and use comments to upload photos and add notes through the day. Or everyone can add multiple journal “events” through the day, capturing photos and notes in the description and using the comments for team discussion and to share more details.

You can customize the way you use a live journal to work for you and your team, for the type of events you participate in and the information that’s most important. And when the event is over, it’s easy to revisit and review the journal entries. Try it out and see what a difference it makes to have a simple, organized, easy-to-use system so you don’t lose those important details and insights.

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