Easier Long-Range Planning with Teamup’s Year View

When you do long-range planning, you need to see the whole picture with a long term planning calendar that gives you a complete overview. Unfortunately, many calendars don’t offer a usable big-picture view. You’re stuck switching back and forth between months. You might end up going to a printout or paper calendar to get a cohesive view. Or you might switch to a different app for ‘planning’ and then come back to the calendar to input the events. Either way, it’s cumbersome and frustrating. Teamup’s Year View can help–it’s the customized long-range planning tool you need, built right into your calendar.

A better long-term planning calendar

You can show 1-12 months in Year View, and set it to the dates you need to see. A long term planning calendar should adjust to what matters: show the next quarter, block, project term, or entire year. For example, plan your marketing calendar with all the relevant dates, events, deadlines, and deadlines. Then, keep updating throughout the year as conferences and industry events are scheduled.

Let’s take a look at some ideas and scenarios that can really benefit from Teamup’s Year View.

Annual, quarterly, and project planning

  • Annual planning without the spreadsheet: Put the major dates, events, budgets, and projects and see the big picture; zoom in as needed and work with the calendar data in Table view.
    Better long term planning calendar with Teamup Year view
  • Quarterly business planning: Set the view to show 3 months for quarterly business planning. Want to see what’s wrapping up in the previous quarter or coming at the end of the next quarter? Just adjust the view to show all the months needed.
  • Project planning: Show the months from the beginning of the project to the projected completion date to estimate when major milestones need to be reached. Together with the Timeline view, it’s a powerful tool for project planning.
    Handle long-range planning for multiple projects spanning weeks and months with Teamup’s customizable Year View.


  • Year-end review of open loops: At the year’s end (or any time), review open work orders, invoices, delayed projects, and more by filtering your calendar in Year view.

    Review and close open loops at the end of a quarter, season, or year.

Financial planning and personal goal setting

    • Personal financial planning: Use the Year view to see the next 12 months ahead to set financial goals. Mark milestones for paying off debt and adding to your savings. Note the big events ahead so you’re not caught by surprise.
    • Energy tracker: Notice what adds energy and what takes it away; review to see where your energy’s going and how you need to adjust. Plan ahead for hectic times to replenish your energy.
    • Reading log: Mark upcoming book releases, track how much you’ve been reading, set goals, and plan for what you’ll read in the months ahead.
    • Personal habit tracker: Use a simple checkmark to track your habit every time you complete it, and look back to see your progress over the months. It’s motivating!

      See your progress add up over weeks and months, and look back over a whole year.
  • A personal annual review: It’s the big-picture version of a weekly or monthly review. Look beyond how things are going on a daily or weekly basis; note your long-term growth rather than immediate movement.

Coparenting and collaborating

  • Coparenting calendar: Coparenting is easier with clarity. Use the Year View to plan custody, visitation, activities, holiday plans, and travel for the months ahead in a way that’s helpful for both parents.
    Long term planning calendar shows trends over time
    Get an overview of the whole year for easier long-term plans in co-parenting.


  • Contributor content planner: See holidays, plan monthly themes and major events, and nail down important editorial deadlines.
  • Managing teams: Schedule remote workers, hybrid schedules, and in-office meetings. See how the next several months look for projects, deadlines, and industry events to anticipate busy seasons and ensure that you don’t overload your team.

    A high-level long term planning calendar view shown with many color-coded events.
    A calendar view with events of 6 months. You can view 1 month to 12 months at a time.

It’s easy to quickly reschedule events in Year view. To plan for more than 12 months at a time, use this tip. Learn more about using Teamup as a long term planning calendar here or try out a live demo to see what Year view can do for your long-range planning.

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