January Updates: Table view, spelling check, and reminders on Slack

We hope you’ve had a good start to 2021! With millions of professionals now working from a home office or carrying out activities with extra safety measures, keeping everyone informed of what’s happening in a timely and accurate manner is more important than ever. Teamup continues to deliver new features and enhancements, and we want to make your life easier by helping you discover new ways to make better use of Teamup.

What’s new this month

Product Updates

Beta feature: The new table view

You probably already know that Teamup is not an ordinary calendar. It does much more than creating meeting appointments.  The new Table View feature is our 10th calendar view that is displayed in a spreadsheet-like format for calendar events. This view supports a custom field with the type ‘Number’. You can assign numerical values to the field in your events and the values are summed up in the bottom of the column. Read more here.

Table View is available with the Premium subscription plan.

Spelling check in event editor

Teamup now supports spelling suggestions in the event description field. Misspelled words are shown with a red underline. Spelling suggestions are then available with the right context menu.

spelling check in Teamup editor

Week number explained

Have you ever noticed the week numbers to the left of the calendar view? Week numbers are commonly used in industries like logistics and manufacturing for the scheduling of work and deliveries. It’s a popular feature with many users who work in those areas.

It is important to keep in mind that there are two schemes for counting week numbers. To avoid confusion that may cause serious issues, we have added detailed information about the Week View and how to use it. Read more here.

News & Tips

Zap of the month: Post event reminders on Slack channels

Is your team relying on Slack for instant messaging? To minimize switching between your Slack channels and your Teamup calendar, we’ve built-in a nice feature in the Teamup-Slack integration via Zapier. You can send reminders of upcoming events on your Teamup calendar directly to a Slack channel. Once active, this integration automatically posts messages to Slack on the schedule you set up. Read more here.

Send event reminder to Slack channel

A Virtual Holday Experience in Japan

In 2020, the Teamup team missed our annual in-person meetup. Luckily, we were able to celebrate together online with a virtual tour hosted by our dear customer Arigato Japan. We had so much fun and found so many reasons to be grateful, especially in such a challenging time. Read more.

On the Blog

How to avoid the drudgery of conflicted copies

Is there anything worse than having your calendar data inadvertently changed? Or what about getting those ‘conflicted copy’ warning messages when you’re in update mode?

Here are 4 ways Teamup can help instill peace of mind in all our users.

  • Find out about the 9 different levels of permission you can use for the most flexible access to calendars
  • Discover where to look for edit history
  • Set up an audit trail for every change
  • Enable comments on event page to capture input or feedback while preventing people from making changes to the event data

Read the full article here.

If you want to track every change made to a specific event, especially if it contains sensitive information or has a lot of users, you can subscribe to email notifications or post messages on Slack. https://t.co/4zJ2S3J7w0

— Teamup Calendar (@TeamupCalendar) January 31, 2021

15 ways to use Teamup calendar views

Over the years we have learned and continue to learn how our users use Teamup. Among the most common use cases are about organizing and sharing information on a wide spectrum of topics, including planned activities, gaining helicopter views of team whereabouts, tracking project statuses, streamlining workflows, making resource availability visible and enabling self-booking, as well as publishing and promoting events. In this post, we share insights on ways to use calendar views to display your information so it is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Thankful and hopeful

New year, new hope. Looking back on 2020, we are so thankful for all the feedback from our users around the world. Let’s share the love and get creative in 2021.

There are a million ways to use Teamup. If you have successfully used and benefited from Teamup in your world – professionally or personally – tell us your story. We can inspire more people to get organized and make life easier!

"I implemented the Teamup Calendar at our golf club a few years ago… The advantages are so obvious, with the printed diary out of date almost as soon as it is printed. Not to mention the cost saving compared to printing." Thank you Gary! #Golf #membership #community #Calendar pic.twitter.com/DAS3uOAc7F

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) January 28, 2021





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