May Roundup: Calendar templates, knowledge sharing, and account benefits

This month, we’re taking a look at the new Teamup template gallery. It’s a great way to make getting started a lot faster and more fun! Plus: Get inspired with a knowledge sharing system and check out tips for better event sharing. Find out how to make Teamup more convenient and useful with a user account and the Teamup app. And be sure to check out May’s power tips and free printables.

1. Highlight: Teamup Templates

Calendar templates from Teamup

There are a lot of decisions when you’re structuring a calendar. It can take time to try different options and see what works best. Or you might know exactly how you want the calendar to be structured, but you still have to do the set up. With a calendar template, you can get a lot of that initial work done automatically.

We’ve started creating a template gallery with calendar templates that will give you a head-start for common use cases.

2. Inspiration: Capture, organize, and share knowledge

It’s frustrating to lack the information you need to do your job well. It’s also frustrating to spend time sharing insights with a colleague, only to be asked again for the next project or task. These frustrations grow over time and discourage teams from being open and available with what they know.

A Teamup Calendar in Table view with multiple events is filtered by toggling sub-calendars out of view and using a custom field filter.
Toggle sub-calendars and use the filters to find the precise knowledge you need.

A thoughtful system is the antidote. There are many tools you can use to build a knowledge-sharing system, including our favorite: Teamup.

3. Use case: Easier event sharing to Facebook groups

Three screens: 1) A Teamup event page on mobile, 2) The event page shared in a Facebook group, and 3) the event page on a tablet.
Use an event page with Facebook groups for secure sharing with easy updates.

Trying to share an event to a Facebook group can be harder than you expect. With Teamup, you have the option to share any event as a stand-alone event page. An event page has all the event details and any images you added. Plus, it’s updated automatically! Try sharing an event page to a Facebook group for an easy, organized way to keep group members updated. More details and other tips in the blog post!

4. May’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Set up a caregiving calendar

Share a calendar with extended family and caretakers to provide support, coordinate for medical appointments, and even schedule around-the-clock care for loved ones.

A caretaking calendar in Week view with many colorful event blocks showing which caretaking slots are filled and which are not assigned.
Quickly see unassigned times (in block) when managing 24-hour care.

Provide instructions for self-booking

Help your calendar users self-book within guidelines by providing booking instructions in the About box, a small text box in the left sidebar of the calendar.

A calendar list next to a calendar showing two colorful striped events. The sidebar has a text box with instructions for how to use the calendar.
Customize the text box in the left sidebar to provide booking instructions.

Control the number of weeks shown in Multi-week view

Set the number of weeks for the time period that’s most relevant to you: schedule shifts for 6 weeks, plan assignments for 12-week courses, or set milestones for a 36-week project.

The settings > calendar views dialogue showing the menu to choose the number of weeks displayed in multi-week view.
View the number of weeks you need in scrollable Multi-view, up to 53 weeks at a time.

Use color-coding to visualize tentative or confirmed event status

It’s helpful to have a visual distinction between events such as bookings that may be tentative or confirmed. Here are two ways to color-code your calendar to differentiate at a glance.

A blue calendar and a green calendar: one event is all blue, and one event is striped green and blue (assigned to both calendar).
Striping shows confirmed status on this booking calendar.

Rearrange event fields

One way you can make your calendar more useful is by rearranging both default and custom fields. For example, arrange from most important to least, or put required fields at the top.

The settings > event field dialogue showing how to use arrows to rearrange the event fields.
Arrange default and custom event fields in the order that works best for you.

5. Product highlight: The Teamup App

Two mobile screens showing event details in the Teamup app with a google document link, and the document open in the Google docs app.
Add a link to open relevant documents right from an event.

Do you use your Teamup Calendar to stay organized for work, do family and personal scheduling, or keep up with groups or projects? You may be used to viewing or scheduling events mostly in a browser. With the Teamup app, you can stay updated and manage scheduling on your phone or tablet, too. From mapped locations to document links, reminders, image previews, and customizable widgets, the Teamup app has a lot to offer.

Two screens showing the Teamup app widget and settings to customize the data shown in the widget.
Customize what’s shown in the Teamup app widget.

Visit the App store or the Play store to download the Teamup app today.

6. Insight: 8 Reasons to get a Teamup user account

If you’re using Teamup to schedule work, organize your life, or check group events, you’ll really benefit from a free Teamup user account. Get you convenient, secure access to Teamup Calendars. Stay synced whether you’re using a browser, your phone, or both. Set up event reminders and manage notifications and signups. Register for free to get more from Teamup.

7. User feedback favorites from May

8. Free printables and blank calendars

Are you looking forward to a special event like a graduation, wedding, or a family vacation? Or perhaps you’re counting down to a big change, like moving or starting a new job.

A printed family calendar with countdown for big event hanging on a bulletin board
Print your own countdown and hang it up to mark off the days as they pass.

Print a customized countdown that the whole family can see. Mark off the days and heighten the excitement as the big event gets closer.

Current printable blank calendars

To print: Ctrl-P on Windows or Cmd-P on Mac.

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