April Roundup: Duplicate a calendar, more emojis, and trade show coordination

For our April roundup, we’re highlighting our new calendar duplication feature, 🤹‍♀️more emojis, and smart uses for Teamup’s default event fields. Get inspired to create a shared live journal and learn how Teamup can help your marketing team at industry events. Don’t forget to grab free blank printables for the upcoming months.

1. Highlight: Duplicate a calendar

When a Teamup Calendar works well for one team or project, a similar setup often works well for another team or project. What if you could copy a calendar that works well? Now you can!

The new duplication feature makes it super easy to copy the sub-calendar structure and/or basic configuration of any Teamup master calendar. The copy is created as a brand-new Teamup calendar. Then you can adapt and scale the duplicated calendar as needed.

Read more: Try Teamup’s new duplication feature

2. Inspiration: A shared live event journal

A mobile view of event comments on a live team journal for a trade show

Looking for a better way to stay synced with your team or document your experiences at an event? With Teamup, you can easily create and share a live journal. Everything you save is kept in a specific context, on your calendar. It’s easy to find later and easy to share with others. No unnecessary interruptions, no floating bits of data without context, no digging through all your photos to find just one you need, and no need to jump between emails, texts, notes, and files.

3. Use case: Make the most of trade show marketing

A colorful marketing team calendar to coordinate at a trade show or other industry event

For marketing teams, trade shows and conferences are often a valuable source of leads. Plus, participating at these events increases brand awareness and may lead to valuable partnerships and connections. If you’ve been using a spreadsheet to plan schedules, organize ideas, and keep your team coordinated, here’s a better option: Teamup is visual, collaborative, user-friendly and great on mobile.

User testimonial: We use the Teamup calendar to schedule meetings around a tradeshow. it has become an invaluable tool.

4. April’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Customize repeating events beyond daily, weekly, or monthly

With Teamup you can customize repeating events beyond standard patterns, on a browser or the Teamup app.

Three mobile screens show the settings dialog for creating a recurring event on the Teamup app

Set the default permission that existing users have for new sub-calendars

As the calendar administrator, you can set the default permission (for users and shareable links) assigned to any new sub-calendar(s) you create.

The calendar settings for sharing show how to set a default permission for sub-calendar access

Here’s how you can turn the default Where field into a field for a clickable link or phone number.

The event editor shows event details for a homework lesson with reconfigured event fields

Create a shared calendar for extended family

Adult siblings want to set up a shared family calendar for coordinating visits, family events and vacations, and transportation/help for their parents as needed.

A family calendar set up for use with adult siblings to coordinate visits, holidays, and caretaking

How to see tasks and events assigned to you

Here are some ways to focus on your tasks and events on a busy team calendar.

The Table view of a busy academic schedule calendar with a keyword filter used to show only matching events

5. Product updates and news

Teamup app for iOS: Updated layout and usability of dashboard

Among other improvements, the dashboard now shows icons for access type and automatically scrolls to the currently selected calendar.

The user dashboard on mobile with icons indicating different access types.

Software update: Improved and expanded emojis

This update improved the emoji picker and updated the emoji library, which now contains about 600 additional emojis.

The expanded emoji library and updated emoji picker seen in the calendar settings

6. Insight: Smart uses for Teamup’s default event fields

A blog header shows a woman working at a laptop with the label "event fields" superimposed on the image

Make your Teamup calendar even more useful with an event fields makeover. You can label, rearrange, and set defaults for the built-in event fields so they make more sense for the way you use your calendar.

7. User feedback favorites from April

8. Free printables and blank calendars

A blank printable calendar showing weeks from the end of May through the middle of July


Getting ready for summer school? Taking an online class, starting a professional development course, or picking up skills at the community center? You can print your own blank academic planner. Use our easy widget to choose the view and dates you need for a customized planner.

Current printable blank calendars

To print: Ctrl-P on Windows or Cmd-P on Mac.

 See all April tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out on the calendar or collected on our News page.

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