Create and Share Free Event Flyers from Your Teamup Calendar

One of the challenges with planning events for a group or organization is keeping group members informed. People are busy and may forget about upcoming opportunities, even if they want to participate. So, promoting events to keep them top of mind is helpful for group members. But event promotion can add another layer of work and require more resources, even if you’re just promoting it within your group. With Teamup’s event page feature, you can easily create a digital event flyer that’s automatically updated and easy to share across platforms. It’s already built into your Teamup Calendar.

The challenge of promoting events

Keeping everyone in the loop about upcoming events is a job all by itself. You’re hustling to get the word out, hoping to build enough interest to make each event a success. Maybe you’re also trying to get a headcount before the event, so you can plan seating and food appropriately. While promoting events is, in many ways, much easier with social media and online tools, in some ways the digital world makes a simple task more complicated and difficult.

First, crafting individual posts or digital flyers for each platform where you want to promote the event takes a lot of time. If details change and you need to tweak the event information, you’ve got to update each and every promo post separately. It’s not a quick fix to change the flyer across multiple social platforms. But if you leave outdated information visible, you risk creating confusion for people who want to participate.

Easy event promotion with Teamup’s event pages

If you’re already using Teamup to schedule and plan group events and activities, you have a event promotion tool right there. Teamup has built-in event sharing options, including the handy event page feature. With a click, any event on your Teamup Calendar becomes a stand-alone webpage: a digital event flyer you can share across platforms.

No more copy and paste

An event page includes all the details from the event itself. You don’t have to copy and paste from your Teamup Calendar to another tool. No more typos or missing information since all the event information is automatically filled in.

Share anywhere, easily

To share an event page, you can copy the event page link and share on any platform. Or you can use the sharing buttons at the top of the event page. Event participants can use these options, too, if they want to share the event with friends or add it to their personal calendar.

Customize with inline images

Include images in events and share as event pages with Teamup

Visuals make a huge difference; they get attention, they get interest, and they get remembered. You can add one or multiple images to the Description field to create a unique, eye-catching flyer.

Attach handouts and documents

You can upload files to the built-in Attachments field, and event participants can get download them right from the event page. No need to send a separate email to participants with an agenda, map, guidelines, or other document. Plus, if you realize an attachment is out-dated, simply remove it and upload the new version; it will be instantly available on the event page.

Capture signups in one place

An event flyer that has all the information, visuals, attachments AND captures event signups? Yep! You’ve got it all in one place. You can even set a signup deadline and a maximum number of participants.

Share the mapped location

Put the location address in the Where field and participants can click for a mapped location. (Alternately, if it’s a virtual event, use any text field for a clickable link for Zoom, etc.)

Field questions or get feedback

Use the event comments to field questions from interested group members. Since the comments are there on the event page, other folks can see them too and save you the trouble of answering the same questions over and over. Event comments are also a great way to collect feedback or allow participants to share their own event photos or notes.

No more manual updates

Any changes you make to your event automatically update on the event page, too. No more chasing down stray posts or scrambling to send out last-minute updates.

If you’re already using Teamup to plan events and coordinate activities for your group or organization, take advantage of event pages for convenient event promotion. If you’re new to Teamup, maybe it’s time to switch to a calendar that makes promoting your events seamless and automatic.

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