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Create and Share Free Event Flyers from Your Teamup Calendar

Create a beautiful, free event flyer automatically for any event on your Teamup Calendar. Share anywhere, collect signups, and it's automatically updated.
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2 min read

Organize Professional Development Opportunities in a Streamlined System

Scheduling professional development for universities works better with a streamlined system that allows delegation and automatic updates.
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4 min read

How to Share Automatically Updated Events on Facebook

Updating the same event in multiple places is a pain. Learn how Teamup can make it easy and quick to share events on Facebook...
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3 min read

18 Smart Ways to Use Teamup Event Pages

Teamup event pages are flexible and easy to use - created automatically for any event on your Teamup calendar. Great for work, family, and...
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7 min read

Sydney Cycling Club Rides Strong with Embedded Teamup Calendar

With an embedded Teamup calendar, the Sydney Cycling Club can stay organized and keep members updated with the latest event info. It's efficient, secure,...
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2 min read

5 Ways the Teamup Team Uses Teamup Calendar

Show team whereabouts on one page. Keep meetings and meeting notes together. Visualize and merge calendars from Trello boards. Organize team events with...
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5 min read

Options for Sharing Events Now Configurable

Each event on a Teamup Calendar can be shared via the Share menu which is now configurable by the calendar administrator.  Any single event...
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29 sec read
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