November Update: Holiday printables, education partners, crew scheduling, and more

In the Teamup monthly update for November 2023, we’re highlighting some helpful printables for a calmer holiday season, plus a host of power tips from the Teamup Ticker. Read user stories about collaborating for a large annual gathering or coordinating educational partner programs. Plus: optimized file uploads on mobile, an even better Scheduler view, and some field service scheduling inspiration.

1. Highlight: Holiday printables

At this time of year, you’re juggling even more events and activities than usual. So we’ve put together some free printable holiday planners and calendars to help you have a more organized and enjoyable holiday season.

See all the holiday printables!

2. Teamup on the web

Guide: Teamup Calendar and Trello Integration

StackReaction created a helpful guide for Teamup and Trello integration. As they point out, “When used together, Teamup Calendar and Trello form a powerful toolset for automating routine tasks.”

Teamup Calendar and Trello Integration

We totally agree! And the guide they’ve put together can help you get started bringing two amazing tools together.

Review: “Teamup stands out as a dedicated solution for group coordination.”

From StartupTalky, here’s a roundup of the 8 best shared calendar apps for business use. They’ve included Teamup in their list of “the top shared calendar tools that can help you organize, lead, and maintain the productivity, morale, and inspiration of your remote team.”

3. November’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

Adjust resolution in the time grid

Five Teamup calendar views have a time grid and you can adjust the resolution to zoom in or out as needed.

Filter by emoji or symbol

You can filter by unicode symbols and emojis in the keyword filter.

Merge multiple Teamup calendars

If you have several Teamup master calendars and you’d like to merge them into a single Teamup Calendar, check out this quick guide.

Use static grid in Month view

Toggle the arrow in the top left corner to switch from flexible grid to static grid.


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4. Product updates and news

You can now hide empty columns in Scheduler view

Now you can also choose to automatically hide any column (sub-calendar) that does not have events in the visible time frame.

PayPal and more now available as payment methods

If you’re on a paid subscription plan with Teamup, we’ve just updated our billing options. You can now pay via PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. These options are available in the Payment Details.

Teamup mobile apps now have optimized file size for uploads

When you start an upload, you’ll be prompted to choose between Optimized size and Actual size. The Optimized size option reduces the amount of data to about 10% of the original image size.

5. New user stories

Scheduling for Educational Partner Programs

Read the story: Partner Programs

Education today often involves multiple educational partnerships. These partners in education help enrich learning and expand on what students receive in the classroom. But making it all happen isn’t easy. We spoke with Janaira Quigley, Executive Director at Ocean Connectors and educational consultant. Here’s what she shared with us about using Teamup to coordinate education partners with schools and teachers.

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Group Scheduling Tool for Annual Gathering

Read the story: Buckeye Gathering

Buckeye is a gathering for collective reinvigoration of place-based lifeways. The annual gathering is a family-oriented, all-ages event. While the gathering itself is an off-grid experience, the organizers use Teamup prior to the event for class scheduling.

Continue reading about Buckeye Gathering

6. Inspiration: Scheduling field crew

In the world of field services, scheduling crew members efficiently is what makes work productive and profitable. Check out this use case of an installation services company to see how Teamup offers flexibility and functionality. Schedulers have an overview of all crew members and open jobs. Crew members see their own schedule and can share photos, files, and notes in the comments on any job:

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7. User feedback favorites from November

8. November’s printable calendars

Ready to get your holidays organized? Try these free printable holiday planners and calendars for less stress and more celebrating.

And here’s a way to end this year, or start the next one, with a clear vision of how to make time for what really matters. Time-tracking is a great exercise to understand how you’re really spending your time. You can track your time digitally, but sometimes it’s easier to have a printed sheet where you can quickly jot down what you’re doing. It’s easy to make a printable time tracker like this one with Teamup:

To print your own, download the PDF version. Or see more details here.


📰 See all November tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out. The easiest might be to click the ⓘ icon in the top right corner on your calendar. See also tips and ways to access the Ticker calendar to keep up with all things Teamup.

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