Free Printable Holiday Planners and Calendars for a Season of Calm

At this time of year, you’re juggling even more events and activities than usual. So we’ve put together some free printable holiday planners and calendars to help you have a more organized and enjoyable holiday season. Get a mug of tea, gather stickers, pencils, and markers, and get cozy with holiday planning.

How to use these holiday printables

  • Click any image to open a larger version, or download PDF and print.

Want to make your own version? Here are some tips:

  • Click the link “Make your own” below each printable calendar.
  • Important note: You’ll need to use a web browser to make your own printables from these templates.Β  If you are reading this blog on your mobile device, copy the link and open it in a browser.
  • The link parameters do not work on Teamup mobile apps. In a browser, you can adjust any parameters to your needs. For example:
    • Language: πŸ‘‰ change &lang=en to &lang=es if you want to print your calendar in Spanish (see example).
    • Title: πŸ‘‰ to add a title like “My Holiday Planner,” change &showTitle=0 to &showTitle=1&title=My+Holiday+Planner.
  • Print a plain calendar using your browser’s Print function.
  • Design and print your creative calendar: Adjust your window size, take a screenshot of the calendar you want, add it to any graphic design tool such as Canva. 😊 Here are more detailed instructions and tips.
  • You can also visit our printables page for more blank printable calendar templates.

Blank holiday printable planners and calendars from Teamup

  1. Christmas countdown
  2. Christmas baking planner
  3. Holiday meal planner
  4. Hanukkah planner
  5. Family travel and gatherings
  6. Schedule of events
  7. Gift making timeline
  8. Holiday daily planner
  9. Habit tracker
  10. New year overview

😊 Submit your own printable and win!

1. Christmas countdown

Countdown the days together! Add stickers and fill in the calendar with ideas for fun activities and memories you make along the way.

You can make your own from one of our Christmas Countdown templates. Take a look to print and customize your own Christmas Countdown fun!

Make your own (open in a web browser) with Month view. Download PDF.

2. Christmas baking planner

Plan the baking you want to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas!

Baking calendar Christmas 2023
Make your own with Scheduler view. Download PDF.

3. Holiday meal planner

Don’t stress about what to have for dinner! Let this 6-week holiday meal planning printable help.

Make your own with Multi-week view. Download PDF.

4. Hanukkah planner

Organize your plans for the festival of lights!

A free printable holiday planner for Hanukkah
Make your own with Scheduler view. Download PDF.

5. Family gatherings calendar

Coordinate schedules and travel with family and friends for holiday gatherings.

A blank printable calendar for holiday travel and family event plans.
Make your own with Multi-week view. Download PDF.

6. Schedule of events

Lay out the itinerary for a special weekend of holiday events, gatherings, and traditions.

Make your own with Multi-day view. Download PDF.

7. Gift making timeline

If you’re making crafts and handmade gifts, use this timeline to track your progress so it’s all done in time.

Free holiday printable planner for handmade gifts and crafting.
Make your own with Timeline view. Download PDF.

8. Holiday daily planner

Stay on top of each day’s schedule, priorities, and important holiday reminders with this daily planner.

Make your own with Day view. Download PDF.

9. Habit tracker

Ready to start a new habit in the new year? Keep track of your progress with this printable.

Make your own with Multi-month view. Download PDF.

10. New year overview

With this yearly view, plan your big milestones, events, and goals for the year ahead.

Make your own with Year view. Download PDF.

Submit your own printable!

Brimming with ideas? Ready to start customizing and unleash your creativity? We’d love to see what you come up with: Click hereΒ to submit your printable calendar templates for sharing.

Winners of the best printable templates will receive a free upgrade (or credit) to various levels of the subscription plan for 6 months.

A few notes:

  • Your email will only be used for contacting you and will not be visible publicly.
  • It’d be most helpful if you also upload a PDF version of your design.
  • You can enroll in the template design contest through the end of December 2023.

Click this link to open the Design Submission calendar.

And remember: when you need something a little more tangible to make plans, lists, and get events organized, try Teamup. Use one of our holiday printables, or make your own with our printable calendar templates.

Here’s to a fun and meaningful holiday season!

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