March Update: Power tips + user stories to help conquer the chaos

Teamup March 2023 Updates

Want to keep up with what’s new at Teamup? Don’t forget to check out the Teamup Ticker. We share product news and updates, plus you’ll find dozens of tips straight from our support team to help you make the most of your Teamup calendar. Keep reading for a few of our favorites from March, plus user stories to get you inspired.

1. Did you read our March newsletter?

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March newsletter: Attaching files just got better


2. Power tips from the Teamup Ticker

How to mute calendars to display only what you want to see

Tips to organize and use calendars more efficiently

How to color code across two dimensions

Mini guide to conquer the chaos of short-term projects




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3. New user stories

IT solution deployments with Teamup

Read the story: ProLogic ITS

A calendar shown in timeline view with colorful stripes showing calendar events in each row

I tell everybody about Teamup. It’s an extremely useful tool and it helps keep the chaos under control.  
– Anna Mustaffa

As a Fleet project manager for ProLogic ITS, Anna Mustaffa works with many people. She needs to see all the pieces of each project for managing deployments, working with vendors, and keeping her team updated. A structured calendar is key to keep everything on track:

I use Teamup to keep a schedule of all my running deployments split onto many sub-calendars… I have external vendors, internal employees, team leads, etc. all organized, and I like that I can “mute” certain sub-calendars if I don’t need to see them.

🙌 Read the ProLogic ITS story about keeping the chaos under control and keeping projects on track.

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4. Updates for the Teamup apps

📱Our latest update for Android includes support for a themed app icon, several fixes and improvements, and and enhanced event filter with a new option to filter by sub-calendars. If you haven’t installed a Teamup Calendar mobile app on your smartphone, go to the App Store or Google Play to download it. See our updated quick tutorials to get started.

Teamup mobile apps
👋 Check out more tips like calendar views on mobile:

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5. Inspiration: How to use a work journal for clarity, calm, and focus

Feeling rushed, unfocused, and unfulfilled at work? Try a work journal for clarity, to regain calm, and to stay focused. Check out these five ways to get started with a work journal for more fulfillment.

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6. March user feedback highlights

I’m very impressed with your app and I’m so happy I finally found what I was looking for.  – Kyle Linco

Been using this Calendar for quite some time now. Outstanding piece of technology. Intuitive UI and a lot common-sense features that provide real value. Well worth the investment.  – Herb Brown

Thanks very much. I was very impressed with Teamup, which solved a major problem for our research study and I have passed along my praise for Teamup to my colleagues.  –  Andy Avins

I am in the Army. I’ve been a Teamup user for 22 months and it has helped me streamline communication in my organization to the lowest level.  – Anna Jones

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