Ticker Calendar: The Teamup Way to Share News, Tips and Creative Solutions

Teamup is unique in many ways. Our product, the Teamup Calendar, is so much more than a conventional calendar. Our team, working around the clock from three continents, enjoys the flexibility, autonomy, and mastery of our work along with refreshing play. We love looking past the ordinary to create unique solutions that make work and life simpler, both for our customers and our own challenges.

The Ticker Calendar was born out of a decade-long search for a simple, flexible and sustainable solution to share our team’s vast product expertise that complements the more structured Knowledge Base. Often, when we share a creative solution with one customer in a support conversation, the benefits are limited to that customer. We wanted to make our knowledge accessible to more people. There are thousands of organizations, groups and individuals who have similar needs, but are unaware of the solutions or possibilities. So, we’ve been looking for a fast, uncomplicated way to share our insights beyond the support inbox.

How the Teamup Ticker can help you

Backed by a team of highly skilled developers, our support team responds to thousands of customer inquiries each month. Sometimes we walk new users through getting started or give suggestions for how to structure a calendar. We help think of out-of-the-box solutions for unique scenarios. We give pointers for making the most of features and working more efficiently with Teamup. It’s problem-solving, troubleshooting, and optimizing, continuously enhanced by what we learn from our customers:  they help us better understand how organizations work and the challenges they face as they strive to make good things happen!

Now you can browse all the little “support nuggets” and benefit from these insights, ideas, and solutions on the Teamup Ticker. It’s a dedicated calendar with a public link filled with answers, helpful tips, mini use cases, and more — straight from the Teamup team who has so much to share and to inspire!

We publish blog posts and knowledge base articles regularly, but the Ticker is different. Adding a tip is as simple as updating calendar events, and our whole support team contributes. You’ll see specialized solutions, unique ideas, creative workarounds, advanced tips, efficiency tactics, and more. We also share news, product updates, customer feedback, and links to what’s new on the Teamup blog.

Ready to check it out?

Where to see new tickers

  • Go to the dedicated page to see the embedded Teamup Ticker anytime: www.teamup.com/news
  • In your calendar, click the ⓘ icon (top right) to see the latest 3 tickers.
    Click to open an individual ticker, or click News & tips to open the ticker calendar:
  • If you are receiving notification emails from Teamup, check the footer for links to the latest tickers:

What’s special about the Teamup Ticker calendar

We’re using one of Teamup’s most unique and powerful calendar views — the table view — to serve the special purpose of being the Teamup Ticker.
You’ll see these unique table view features in action:
  • adjustable column width.
  • descending order in the Start column to display the latest ticker on the top.
  • selective column display to show what matters and hide what’s irrelevant (such as the End column).
The color-coded sub-calendars are used to organize ticker categories. Besides support nuggets, we also share product updates and new blog posts here, so it’s one easy place to keep up with all things Teamup.

Toggle calendars on and off to filter tickers, and adjust the date range to see even more — we started publishing tickers in April of 2022, so there’s quite a collection now!

Access the Ticker Calendar from mobile devices

If you’d like to access the Ticker calendar on the go, here are a few options:

  • Add this link to your home screen for quick access from your mobile browser.
  • Add this link to your account dashboard and access it from your app. Please note since no future events on the Ticker calendar, you may need to swipe down to past dates to view the recent tickers.

Want to add your own tip to the Teamup ticker? We love hearing your tips, creative ideas, and feedback. Let us know.

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