Long-Term Event Planning for Multiple Locations with Teamup

We love to see how Teamup is put into action around the world! Recently we had a conversation with Edgar Zillman, Head of Events and Educational Partnerships at Education in Motion, an international education company. Edgar is based in Shanghai and uses Teamup to coordinate long-term event planning for 13 schools across Asia.

“Teamup has been at the core of scheduling and managing our events and I am very glad to continue using it.”

-Edgar Zillman, Head of Events

A wide scope of long-term event planning

In his role as head of events, Edgar oversees the management of over 200 offline, online, and hybrid events and workshops in the network on a yearly basis. They work with a wide pool of external educational providers, from world-renowned and leading theatre companies to artists, authors, musicians, adventurers, keynote speakers, and more, to deliver customized, impactful educational experiences. These educational events include lectures, seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and conferences for over 11,000 students and 2,000 teachers across all 13 schools in the EiM network.

The need: a big-picture, long-term view

When Edgar started working with EiM, there was not an efficient way to manage the events. “Managing so many schools in different locations with so many different events was just not working in a ‘normal’ calendar,” he explains. “That’s how I started using Teamup.”

Their prior tools and methods didn’t allow the functionality needed — to manage so many events across many locations, it’s important to get a big-picture view across all locations, and to have that view cover more than a month or two at at time. “It was very important to see a whole year on a page, and you just couldn’t do that on anything else,” Edgar says.

The solution: Teamup Year view

“Being able to see a whole year and then mark the different schools for different events is very important,” Edgar explains. Teamup’s built-in Year view is just the right fit for their long-term planning needs and was quickly implemented as a key tool: “We absolutely love Teamup and have been using it for many years now. We set up the calendar in advance for a year. In today’s world, nothing is set in stone, but as much as we can we plan for the whole year ahead and then adjust as needed. Teamup is the absolute core part of overseeing what is happening when and where.”

Other features that make it work

The color-coded sub-calendars have also been helpful:

“We have speakers coming from abroad, and they travel from school to school. I would need to mark which day the speaker would be at which school. I use the different color-coded sub-calendars to mark schools. It’s very visual. After a short time, I could just recognize each school by color on the calendar. It’s very easy to have a quick glance and know what’s coming up.”

And a read-only link makes secure sharing easy:

“We share the calendar with other teams across the organization, such as the marketing team, so they can track which events are happening. Then they know what they need to do for upcoming events: we need to write a post, or do social media, etc. It helps them to see also what’s happening at other schools.”

We’re always happy to hear about Teamup in action for great organizations across the world. Thanks to Edgar Zillman for sharing this story!

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