Share Your Teamup Calendar with Users or Links

Share Your Teamup Calendar with Users or Links

Wondering how to share your Teamup calendar with others? You can securely share your Teamup in two ways: with account users, or with shareable links.

How do I share my calendar?

To share your calendar, you need administrator access so that you can open the calendar settings.

  • Open your calendar in a web browser.
  • Go to Settings > Sharing.

Now you have the choice to share your calendar via account-based users, shareable links, or a mix of both!

  • To share your calendar with an account-based user, click Add User.
  • To create a customized shareable calendar link, click Create Link.

When to share your Teamup calendar

With account users:

  • You have better security, since each user is known and uses unique calendar access via their Teamup user account.
  • Adding a user by email will send an invitation email to the user. New users are required to create Teamup user accounts.
  • Share with account users for your team members, employees, regular calendar users, and community members.

With shareable links:

  • You have more convenience, if no login is preferred or easy sharing with the public is needed.
  • A shareable link may be shared with anyone, with or without a Teamup user account. After creating the link, simply send the calendar link to the correct person or group via email, text, etc.
  • Use shareable links to embed your calendar, share your calendar with a large group or with the public (use read-only permission for the link), or to give temporary calendar access to others.

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