visual tips

Add Calendar User to Your Teamup Calendar

You can give calendar access to others so that they can access and use your Teamup calendar. This is great for groups, teams, families,...
57 sec read

Share Your Teamup Calendar with Users or Links

Wondering how to share your Teamup calendar with others? You can securely share your Teamup in two ways: with account users, or with shareable...
53 sec read

Access Teamup Calendar Settings

To access your Teamup calendar settings: Open your Teamup calendar on a web browser. Be sure you are using administrator access. You cannot access...
1 min read

Access Your Calendar in the Mobile App

You can access your Teamup calendar on the Teamup mobile app for iOS or Android. Or, if you have been invited as a user...
52 sec read

New Visual Tips: Features Illustrated

There are a million ways to use Teamup. And Teamup works best when you use the most relevant features and functions for your needs....
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