Add Calendar User to Your Teamup Calendar

Add Calendar User to Your Teamup Calendar

You can give calendar access to others so that they can access and use your Teamup calendar. This is great for groups, teams, families, and organizations. A calendar user, or account user, can log in to Teamup and access your calendar with the permission level you give them.

Add an account calendar user to your calendar

To add an account user to your calendar, open your calendar in a browser.

  • Then go to Settings > Sharing.
  • Select Add User.
  • Enter the new user’s email address.
  • Set the permissions for the new users:

Get all the details here →

When to add an account-based calendar user

You can also grant access to a Teamup calendar via a customized, shareable calendar link. Using a shareable link is good when you want to let a large group view the calendar securely, create a calendar display, or give temporary calendar access to someone.

Adding an account-based calendar user is good in these situations:

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