User Accounts

New: User Account and Synced Calendar Dashboard on Teamup Android App

The new Teamup Android app has gotten a significant update: We’ve added support for user account login and registration, right from the app. We’ve...
Annie Mueller
1 min read

What’s the difference between a calendar and a user account?

A Teamup Calendar and a user account are two different things. You can access calendars through a calendar link. Access a user account through...
Annie Mueller
4 min read

What are event reminders?

Event reminders are notifications sent by email to remind you of an upcoming event. Event reminders are available only to users logged in with a...
Annie Mueller
36 sec read

What Happens When You Request Password Reset

You may need to reset your password if you've forgotten it. Here are the scenarios when you need a new password, and how to...
2 min read

What’s the difference between “exit” and “logout”?

Exit and Logout are similar terms which refer to different parts of your Teamup experience. Exit removes you from a calendar; Logout removes you from...
Annie Mueller
1 min read