iOS App Update: Synced Dashboard and User Account Support

We’re happy to announce a major update for Teamup’s iOS mobile app, which now supports the same features as those released earlier on the Android app.

New updates for Teamup’s iOS app

User account support

We’ve added support for our free user accounts. You can now login to your Teamup user account from the iOS app. Don’t have a user account yet? You can register for one from the app or right here.

Synced global calendar dashboard

We’ve added a synced calendar dashboard. This global calendar dashboard enables you to access your calendar or calendars and stay synchronized across all devices, browsers, and app platforms. Note: to enable the synced global dashboard, you must be logged into your user account.

Support for striped display

We’ve added support for stripes! Our users love their stripes (we do too). When an event is assigned to multiple sub-calendars, it has a striped display which is now supported on the iOS app. You’ll also find emoji support in all calendar views: emojis assigned to your custom event fields and set to display in event titles will show up on your mobile device as well as your browser.

All these changes do mean that using the iOS app is a little different now. Here’s what you need to know.

Using the updated iOS app

Synced calendar dashboard and user account for iOS app update
The welcome screen, the calendar dashboard, and that sweet sweet striping.

When you open the Teamup app, you’ll see a welcome screen.

Use an existing user account

If you have already have a user account, choose Login.

Note that your user account and your calendar are separate things: you may have used one email to create your calendar, and a different email to create your user account. The user account login requires both an email and a password; creating a calendar requires only your email address. Read more details here.

  • Once you login, your synced calendar dashboard will appear with your calendar(s) already on it. Tap the calendar you wish to view. If you add or remove a calendar from your dashboard on the iOS app, the changes will apply to your calendar dashboard on the browser, and vice versa. You can access your calendar links easily, without copying them from one device to another.
  • Note: when you are prompted to select calendars that were previously on your device, (they may have been added to the Teamup app on your device by you or by other users, without login), be sure to only add calendars that are yours to your global dashboard. The calendar that is not added to your global dashboard will be accessible again on your device, if you logout and choose to Continue without account.

Register a new user account

If you don’t yet have a user account, choose Signup to register a new user account.

  • User accounts are free, and they are required for certain features to work: the synced dashboard and event reminders both require a user account. On the signup screen, you’ll need to enter your name, email address, and set a password. Then check your email to verify your new account. Now you can login to your user account on your mobile device and on the browser; changes you make on one device will be implemented globally.

Use without a user account

If you wish to continue without a user account (which means no synced, global dashboard), select the Continue without account link below the green buttons.

  • You’ll be able to type or paste in a calendar link, and use the Teamup app as usual without logging in. You’ll still have a calendar dashboard, but it will not synchronize across devices or platforms.

Help! Where are my calendars?

You’ve logged in or registered, and now you’re looking at the calendar dashboard and thinking: “But where are my calendars?”

  • If you logged into an existing user account, but you haven’t been using your calendar dashboard, your calendars will not show up until you add them.
  • If you’ve just created a new user account, your dashboard will only have a Welcome Calendar. None of your previously used calendars will be on your dashboard yet.

The Welcome Calendar is a helpful calendar added automatically by the Teamup system for new users. It has a few calendar events with the basic info you need to get started. There is also a feed of regularly changing tips and feature updates. You can keep it as-is, modify it, or remove it from your dashboard if desired.

It’s easy to add all your calendars to your synced dashboard. Then you’ll be able to access them anytime from the mobile app or from your web browser.

Adding calendars to the dashboard

You can add calendars to your dashboard from the app or from a browser.

  • On the iOS app: To add a calendar to your dashboard, swipe to open the left sidebar. Then tap the calendar icon to open your calendar dashboard. Tap the + button in the top right. Choose Connect an existing calendar. Then type or paste in the calendar link. Your calendar will show up on your dashboard. Tap to open the calendar.
  • On a web browser: To add a calendar to your dashboard from a web browser, follow these instructions. Your dashboard will sync automatically, so any calendar you add from your browser will show up on mobile, as well.

We’re excited about all the Teamup iOS app has to offer with these new updates. We hope you’ll find it makes your calendars even more efficient and more enjoyable.

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