Remove a Calendar from Your Dashboard

The calendar dashboard, a feature enabled by a user account, is your central location for all your Teamup calendars.

With a calendar dashboard, you don’t have to bookmark separate calendar links. Your dashboard remembers all your calendars for you and is accessible from any browser. If you use the Teamup mobile apps for iOS or Android, you can log into your user account and enjoy a synced, global calendar dashboard.

Remove a calendar from your dashboard

When you no longer want a particular calendar on your dashboard, it’s easy to remove.

On the browser

From your web browser, access your calendar dashboard as usual. Hover over the calendar you wish to remove. Click on the Remove link when it appears; you’ll be sent to a screen confirming your removal. Click the red Remove button to remove the calendar. Click the green Keep Calendar button if you’ve changed your mind or chosen the wrong calendar to remove.

On the mobile apps

From the Teamup mobile app for iOS or Android, swipe to open the left sidebar. Tap the calendar icon at the top to view your calendar dashboard. Tap the three dots on the calendar you wish to remove, then choose the Remove link option. A confirmation screen will open. Tap the red Remove calendar button. If you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind, simply hit the Back button.

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