Redesigned Widget and Improved File Attachments on iOS App

Teamup’s new iOS app (version 2.15.0) is now live on the app store with some exciting updates. We’ve redesigned and improved the widget for more customization and display options. And we’ve updated and improved the file or document attachment feature.

Redesigned iOS widget

The five widget layouts

The redesigned iOS widget includes five display options, so you can choose the one you like. Or use multiple widgets for different purposes. Once a widget is added, long press it to bring up the options. By default, the widget will mirror the calendar displayed in the Teamup app. But you can choose another calendar on your dashboard and select specific sub-calendars as the source for your widget. Details here.

Improved file attachment

Working with file and document attachments in the Teamup iOS app is more convenient. Now you can select and upload multiple files at once. 

Select multiple files for uploading

We hope you’ll find this improvement makes using your Teamup calendar on the go easier and more helpful.

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