Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard

A Teamup user asks:

“I have been using a Teamup calendar for a while without an account. Recently, I created a user account. How do I get my already existing Teamup calendar to show up on my calendar dashboard? I do not want to create a new calendar.”

You can create a Teamup user account anytime, and add your current calendar(s) to your calendar dashboard. There is no need to create a new calendar.

Teamup account dashboard
The Teamup account dashboard keeps all your calendars in one place.

Here’s what to do:

  1.  Open your web browser, and create a user account here.
  2.  Log in to your user account.

Now you have two options for adding an existing Teamup calendar to your calendar dashboard.

  1. Open your existing calendar and copy the calendar URL.
  2. In your calendar dashboard, click the link to Add existing calendar. It’s in the gray box, under the option to + Create calendar.
  3. Paste your calendar URL into the form.
Add an existing calendar to your Teamup calendar dashboard
Paste in the calendar link and click the blue Add Calendar button.

Option 2: Use the button on your calendar.

  1. After logging into your user account, open your Teamup Calendar in the same browser. If you already have your calendar open in another browser tab, make sure you refresh it after logging into your user account.
  2. Click the green plus sign in the top right of the calendar you want to add to your dashboard. (If the green plus sign is not visible, refresh the page so your calendar reloads.)
  3. Check your calendar dashboard. Your calendar should now be listed there.
Add an existing calendar to your Teamup calendar dashboard
Use the green + button to add any Teamup calendar to your dashboard.

Note that the Teamup mobile app for Android now supports user accounts and a synced calendar dashboard. See details here.

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