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How to Handle Covid-19 Restrictions and Maximum Occupancy for Research Teams

Managing research teams under Covid-19 restrictions is a scheduling challenge. Use of the shared lab space must be carefully scheduled to stay within maximum...
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May Updates: Improved settings, help with Covid scheduling

As the world continues to adjust and understand how best to live and work in these times, we hope this month’s encouraging user stories...
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How these Research Teams Schedule Shared Lab Space in Covid-19

Research teams at universities are finding new ways to work amidst the Covid-19 safety regulations in place. Converting to remote work entirely is not...
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Data Collection and Science in the Field with Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar’s unique features make it perfect for volunteer coordination and scheduling, doing science in the field, and data collection. About ROMP, the Reserve...
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How Teamup’s Time Zone Support Helps Scientists in 16 Countries Collaborate

A Teamup user story from Piera Luisa Ghia, The Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina Dear Teamup Team: This page gives me finally the occasion to...
Jenny Zhan
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