multiple time zones

How to Add an Event for Participants in Multiple Time Zones

Need to work with events that involve participants across multiple time zones? Learn how Teamup has events show up at the right time across...
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How to Manage Virtual Event Schedule for Groups Across Multiple Time Zones

The global movement to working from home has made virtual meet-ups a normal part of life. But can you scale and manage your virtual...
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Use Lead Time Zone for Repeating Events to Avoid Event Time Confusion

It's the time of the year that many regions around the world are starting the Daylight Saving Time. For repeating events, it's important to...
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View a Scheduled Event in Different Time Zones

Some scenarios require that a calendar user may need to see an event, or an entire calendar, in a different time zone than their...
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Work with Multiple Time Zones

Time zone is an important topic that can be quite confusing. We have spent a lot of effort to make sure that Teamup’s time...
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Make Everyone View the Calendar in Their Local Time Zone

A user asked: “We will be sharing the calendar with people who live across the U.S. How can we set the meeting time (in...
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