Calendar Dashboard

Are You Missing the Benefits of a Teamup User Account?

Teamup user accounts bring more power to your Teamup calendar experience: account-based access, a calendar dashboard, syncing across devices, event reminders, and customized notifications....
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4 min read

Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard on Mobile

If you have a Teamup user account, you can use the synced, global calendar dashboard on your web browser and your mobile devices. When...
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1 min read

Remove a Calendar from Your Dashboard

The global synced calendar dashboard gives you easy access to all your Teamup calendars. You can remove a calendar when desired. Here's how.
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54 sec read

Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard on a Browser

Use the global synced calendar dashboard from Teamup for easy access to your calendars. Here's how to add a calendar to your dashboard in...
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1 min read

New: Synced Calendar Dashboard on Teamup Android App

The new Teamup Android app has gotten a significant update: We’ve added a synced calendar dashboard! Now the calendar dashboard in your browser stays...
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3 min read

What is the calendar dashboard?

Your calendar dashboard remembers all your calendars for you and is accessible from any browser. It's available with a free Teamup user account.
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46 sec read

What are user accounts?

Teamup user accounts are a way to access all your Teamup calendars in one place and to set and manage event reminders.
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36 sec read
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