Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard on Mobile

If you have a Teamup user account, you can use the synced, global calendar dashboard on your web browser and your mobile devices.

Perhaps you’ve logged in or registered, and now you’re looking at the calendar dashboard and thinking: “But where are my calendars?”

  • If you logged into an existing user account, but you haven’t been using your calendar dashboard, your calendars will not show up until you add them. The exception: any calendars that have your account email as the calendar administrator email will appear on your dashboard automatically.
    • See below for how to add a calendar to your dashboard.
  • If you’ve just created a new user account, your dashboard will only have a Welcome Calendar. None of your previously used calendars will be on your dashboard yet, unless your account email is the same as the calendar admin email as described above.

The Welcome Calendar is a helpful calendar added automatically by the Teamup system for new users. It has a few calendar events with the basic info you need to get started. There is also a feed of regularly changing tips and feature updates. You can keep it as-is, modify it, or remove it from your dashboard if desired.

It’s easy to add all your calendars to your synced dashboard. Then you’ll be able to access them anytime from the mobile app or from your web browser. To add a calendar from your browser, see these instructions.

Adding a calendar to the dashboard on mobile

To add a calendar to your dashboard, swipe to open the left sidebar. Then tap the calendar icon to open your calendar dashboard. Tap the + button in the top right. Choose Connect an existing calendar. Then type or paste in the calendar link. Your calendar will show up on your dashboard. Tap to open the calendar.

Note: if you need to create a new calendar to add to your dashboard, use a web browser or mobile browser to do so. Teamup mobile apps do not currently support new calendar creation. Go to a browser, create the new calendar, and add it to your calendar dashboard on the browser. Or copy the link and add the calendar to the mobile app as instructed above.

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