Life is Easier with Teamup


Story from Carole Jeske, USA

I’ve used TEAMUP twice now in very critical times of need. The first time was June 2014 when I worked at an animal shelter. We had 9 puppies born and needed to hand feed them and medicate them. This meant we needed to rely on many hands! I used TEAMUP and it worked great! Being a nonprofit and not having much money, it was a great tool.

I’m now working in a hospital and in charge of the schedule. I’d like it to be self scheduled and flexible, so again I came back to TEAMUP. Thank you for making life easy!

Thank you Carole for sharing such a beautiful story.  It is very motivating to learn that our work makes life easier for so many people around the world, and how non-profit organizations with limited budget can make great use of our free services.  Best of luck to you with your better coordinated and more productive team through flexible self-scheduling in a hospital environment.

We are thrilled to receive user stories and feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of them here, and say a big THANK YOU!


How Teamup’s Time Zone Support Helps Scientists in 16 Countries Collaborate


Story from Piera Luisa Ghia, The Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina

Dear Teamup Team (sorry for the words’ game),

Scientists collaborate in many different time zonesThis page gives me finally the occasion to thank you for your really great calendar!  I am a member of a 500-people collaboration of physicists who all together have built and are running the largest ever cosmic ray detector in the world, extending over 3000 km2 , in Argentina.

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Simplicity is the homework of a genious


Story from Ruben Hansen, Daltek, Denmark:

I started my company in May 2014. During the first couple of months loads and loads of things needed to be sorted out. One of the things that i needed to decide was what calender system to use. I had some very simple requirements.

  • My calender should be easy to access from different platforms.
  • My calender should syncronize at once on the fly.
  • My calender should be easy to expand to more users.

The big and powerful calenders, like the one integrated in MS Office and alot of others could not perform these simple tasks. Fortunatly i ran across TEAMUP and was impressed by the simplicity. The simplicity (but possibilities to go more advanced) was really what made me use this system.

Today 1½ years later i employ 5 people beside myself and we all have our own calender on TEAMUP. Everyone has stated that its easy to use and get acustomed to. We use it for everything. From planning meetings with customers to keep track of each other in a busy day. Even keeping track of who´s in for lunch becomes simple and easy with TEAMUP.

Thank you Ruben for sharing!  It’s an honor to be of support in your journey of entrepreneurship.  Best of luck with growing your business!

We are thrilled to receive user stories and feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of the stories here, and say a big THANK YOU!

A Story of Using Teamup for Tennis Court Bookings

Tony, a tennis club administrator in Kent, England, told us about how he was looking at converting their paper based court booking system to an online solution. He had tried Google Calendar but it hadn’t worked well. He hadn’t “come across Teamup” until “a colleague, who had used the software in the past for facilities management room booking, suggested Teamup.”

Tony found “the implementation of Teamup’s different URLs for various access permissions an elegant solution for allowing members to add entries but not change existing bookings.”
“The customisation options are just right and embedding the Teamup calendar in an iFrame on our website worked first time.”

Tennis court booking with Teamup Calendar
After nearly a year, we had the chance to re-connect and ask Tony how Teamup has been working for his tennis club. He replied: “It’s going very well. Our members like the ability to see court availability and book courts online without having to go to the clubhouse noticeboard, which was how it used to work.”

Thank you Tony for sharing your experience. We will do our best to make Teamup even better, and as you suggested, make it easier to find on search engines when people search for “court booking”.

How to Jazz Up Events with Images

Most calendars are made only for entering textual information about meetings and appointments, the usual what, who, where, and when in plain text.  If you are using Teamup just like that, you are missing out something that’s nice and pleasant.

Teamup is a different kind of calendar.  Think of the lively people and vivid activities you are organizing along the timeline of your team, your community, your projects, or even the jobs you are scheduling for your service crew at the client sites.   One of the unique things about Teamup is the ability to display images in the event details right on the calendar.  It is more than putting down the date and time for an event.  It is a way to organize and communicate an event to the relevant stakeholders.

Display Image in Calendar Event

If you are viewing your calendar in the List or Agenda view, and the “Show details” box is checked, any images in events are displayed as shown below.  This is a community event when the event flyer is directly inserted into the event details:

Figure 1. Event flyer is displayed in event details as an image

As a comparison, this is how it looks when the same information is entered as text with a link to the flyer:

2. Event details are entered as text with link to the flyer
Figure 2. Event details are entered as text with link to the flyer

There is more than what is displayed within the calendar.  If you click or right-click the title of the event, select “Share” then “as page”, you can see the event in Figure 1 being displayed as an independent web page which can be easily shared further with a click of a button in the top right.

How to Add Images for Inline Display

If you have a theme picture for your Christmas party, add that picture to the event you are planning on your calendar.  If a nicely designed event flyer has been created, display the flyer in your event details.  If you have a Premium subscription, you can directly upload an image from your local computer.  This can be done easily using the toolbar options in your event editor after clicking on the “More” button:


It is perfectly fine to make good use of the free options if you can obtain the image URL (right-click an image you want to use then select “copy image URL”) or it is available in your Dropbox.  It is also possible to upload images directly from your computer or one of the popular online storage services with a subscription plan.  Learn more about file uploading.

What do you think of displaying images in event details?  The holiday season is just around the corner.   Jazz up your event display by inserting a nice image.  Good luck with lots of participants and have fun.

How to Make Everyone View the Calendar in Local Time Zone

A user asked: “We will be sharing the calendar with people who live across the U.S.; how can we set the meeting time (in one time zone) to automatically integrate to their calendar when sharing in their own time zone?”

A Teamup Calendar can work very well in that kind of situation.  You do need to enable the automatic time zone conversion in Settings -> General Settings:


Now if you set up the meeting on your calendar in your time zone, and the others in other parts of the world are viewing their calendars in their local time zone, then it will show at the corresponding time.

So a meeting is set up at 10am by someone in Chicago, then it will show up as a meeting at 11am in New York for a person viewing the calendar in New York.

If that person is in Berlin, Germany, now but will be in New York at the meeting time, from his own calendar view he can choose the New York time zone to display the exact time of the event.  This can be done by selecting the expected time zone from the calendar view:

time zone display on Teamup

Give it a try if you work with teams across multiple time zones, or if you just travel often and need to convert it to your local time.

Read more on Time Zone handling with Teamup Calendar.

Work-Orders-in-a-Box: How to give your teams all the info they need to get their jobs done

I like to think of myself as creative, and I encourage my team at TeamUp to always be thinking of ways to make our tools more useful, more helpful, more genuinely necessary.

But…sometimes our customers are way ahead of us. Case in point: A number of building engineering services/construction companies are using TeamUp’s file uploading and event as a Web page features in ways we hadn’t even imagined.

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How to allow someone to modify his own calendar but view only those of others

Customize Teamup Calendar link permissions

A customer asked the following:

“I created a calendar for each employee and would like give them permission to edit their own calendar.  However, I do not want them to be able to view the main calendar or view each others calendar.  Would Teamup allow me to achieve this?”

The answer is yes:  Go to Settings, then Sharing.  Click on Create new link. Name the link with the person’s name for clarity and save. Click on edit next to the link and in the next screen check the option to share selected calendars only.


Then you can set the permissions accordingly.  See more details here.

Do you have similar needs?  What are your solutions?


Useful, Simple and Pleasant

Developing a modern software application is more than just engineering.  We strive to keep the balance between usefulness and pleasant user experience.  Following a major back-end systems upgrade last month, our team has just reached another milestone by releasing a new version of Teamup Calendar with a re-designed front interface.

If you have been using Teamup Calendar but have not seen the new look, simply reload the calendar in your browser.  In addition to the numerous subtle visual improvements, here are some of the changes that may make a difference to your use of the calendar:

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