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Access Your Calendar in the Mobile App

You can access your Teamup calendar on the Teamup mobile app for iOS or Android. Or, if you have been invited as a user...
Annie Mueller
52 sec read

Add Event Reminders on Teamup Mobile App

Event reminders are notifications sent by email to remind you of an upcoming event. Event reminders are available only to users logged in with a Teamup user...
Annie Mueller
33 sec read

Edit Description Field on Mobile with Markdown

When adding an event to your Teamup calendar, you can include notes and details and other information in the Description field. On the web...
Annie Mueller
39 sec read

New: Search on Teamup Mobile App for Android

The latest update for our Android app includes the ability to search your calendar events in the app. You can filter your calendar events...
Annie Mueller
31 sec read

Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard on Mobile

If you have a Teamup user account, you can use the synced, global calendar dashboard on your web browser and your mobile devices. When...
Annie Mueller
1 min read

Stay Updated and Organized with Teamup’s Mobile Apps

Teamup’s mobile apps for iOS and Android are fully functional, helpful assistants. They’re available free. Both apps offer the same intuitive and powerful experience...
Annie Mueller
2 min read

A Decentralized, Mobile Booking System by Teamup

A not-for-profit rehabilitation centre in Hong Kong has multiple programs operating out of one centre. The various programs share spaces and resources, such as exercise...
Annie Mueller
1 min read

Emoji Support in All 📆 Calendar Views on Mobile

Update on June 4, 2019:  The latest iOS update now also supports emoji display in event titles! Our latest update for Teamup mobile apps...
Annie Mueller
35 sec read

Call to Join Beta Testing Teamup Mobile App for Android

New feature for beta testing: widget! We are excited to announce a new beta feature available for public testing: a Teamup widget for your...
51 sec read

Out of Beta: Custom Fields Now Supported on Mobile Apps

Since the beta introduction of Custom Event Fields, many of our users have made great use of this unique feature that makes Teamup so...
45 sec read

15 Ways to Share Individual Events with Teamup Mobile Apps

With new sharing options for Teamup mobile apps, you can easily share individual events directly from your mobile device to other apps, calendars, and...
Annie Mueller
9 min read

Open Calendar in Browser from Mobile App

Use this quick tip to access your calendar on a mobile browser, straight from the Teamup mobile apps.
Annie Mueller
38 sec read

How to Set Default Calendar on Mobile for New Events

Tap the eye icon on the desired sub-calendar, to show this calendar only. Then, when you add a new event, that sub-calendar will be...
Annie Mueller
20 sec read

Track Your Connection Status and Refresh Your Data on Teamup Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android apps, the new connectivity tracker tells your network status and when your data was last synchronized with the server.
Annie Mueller
44 sec read

How to Display Inline Images on Teamup Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android apps, this premium feature allows you to upload an image and display it inline. If you’re on the Premium plan,...
29 sec read