Self-Booking with Privacy Made Simple with Teamup

Teamup allows simple self-booking with privacy

Booking rooms is a common need. It’s easy enough to book a room or send a calendar invite, but sometimes that’s not enough. You may need to keep client information confidential, ensure privacy for team members, or allow people to see open appointment slots without seeing details from the booked slots. You need a simple self-booking system that is easy for your team to use, while providing access control and privacy for everyone involved.

When privacy is a top consideration

Perhaps you need to allow team members to book rooms, but not see the details on reservations made by other team members. Or if you offer equipped rooms for freelance contractors to do therapy sessions and need to prevent them from seeing the booking details of other contractors.

For example, an academic tutoring center has several rooms for individual tutoring sessions and a couple of meeting rooms. The tutors need to reserve the room for their tutoring session. Their booking details must include the student’s information–name, contact information, account number, and tutoring rate–so the manager can complete billing and handle appointment cancelations if needed. But the student information needs to be kept confidential; other tutors should not have access to it. They only need to know if a room is reserved or open for a time slot.

Teamup enables self-booking with access control

Teamup can help! You can allow each team member to see only their own booking details, and see other bookings as Reserved, without details. Here’s how it would look for two tutors – Amy and Carol – and a manager or admin who can see all details:

Room booking with privacy
Customize calendar access for each team member to keep information confidential and allow them to self- booking.with privacy

It’s easy to do:

  1. Set up sub-calendars for each room and disallow overlapping events
  2. Set up customized access for each user.
  3. Make the Who field required and display the name in the event title (do so in Settings).

Enable booking with privacy

Giving team members customized access to the calendar enables you to keep the right things confidential. In this scenario, the tutors would get the Modify my events, no details access  permission. This access level allows each employee to see the bookings made by others, but without any details. The events appear on the calendar as Reserved. For their own bookings, they can see the details and modify the bookings as needed.

Customized access for each user
Customized access for each user

For a supervisor or office admin, set the Modify access level for all calendars. This lets the admin see all booking details for all events. You may require those who book the rooms to add their name in the Who field so it’s easy for the admin to see who made the reservation.

The user can see the slots that have been reserved by others, but can't see any details. For their own bookings, they can see the details and modify the bookings as needed. Share on X

 Teamup allows self-booking with privacy

When you want to enable team members to do self-booking, but confidentiality is important, try Teamup:

    • Keep users from seeing other people’s bookings and details; they only see the time as reserved.
    • Allow team members to see when a room is open and when it is reserved; no need for admin or manager to check the calendar for them.
    • Give correct access to different team members, employees, and groups of people. The manager can see all details needed in order to complete billing. Others can see only their booking details.
    • Have a single, structured calendar for a complete overview of bookings–without jeopardizing security for clients or team members.
    • Individual team members can quickly see an overview of the room availability for any time period. They can also filter by their own name or apply a link parameter to see their own bookings which they can modify.
    • With Teamup’s mobile apps, they can check their schedule or make a booking anywhere, anytime.

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