A Calendar That Makes Life As a Sales Rep Easier, Not Busier

You’re a great sales rep, account manager, or sales executive. You love the interaction with your clients or potential clients. That’s why you’re in sales. 

To deliver the right information at the right time. 

To take a lead from interested to involved. 

From curious to sold. 

You believe in the product or service you’re selling. You’ve refined an exciting path to travel with each client. A compelling journey that makes it a no-brainer to engage.

Too bad it doesn’t end there, right?

Let’s face it. Once you’ve brought a client in the door, you’re responsible for communicating with your client and making sure your company delivers what you promised. 

You are the first touchpoint for their questions, status updates, and changes. 

On top of that, you’re also the communication bridge between your client and the team, and vice versa:

  • If there is a change or delay with production or service, you need to be informed so you can relay that information to your client. 
  • If your client wants to pivot, your team is relying on you to communicate that with them. 
Staying informed is crucial to avoiding miscommunication and misunderstanding on either side, and you’re in the middle. Click To Tweet

What we’ve found is that most sales representatives rely on multiple, siloed, self-created systems to organize and gather the information they need, when they need it. Think:

  • sticky notes, 
  • endless email threads, 
  • multiple texts, 
  • and phone calls tracking down team members.

The problem is these disjointed systems leave you chasing the information you need to do your job well. You’re often relying on your memory and storing things in your mind to keep doing what you do, well. But more on that later.

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At Teamup, we believe that great sales reps need great systems. We are here to help sales reps to provide one place to schedule work, view project information, and effectively communicate with their customers.

We understand how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to not have the visibility and communication records you need to keep your customers informed. It’s frustrating to dig through calendars, emails, and project management software, trying to find the information you need.

We make information-gathering easy by enabling you to put it in the right context. With Teamup, you get a simple system that serves you with the information you need regardless of when and where you need it, so you can stay prepared and aware. 

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Now let’s talk about brain space for a second. You’d be surprised at how unreliable your own memory can be.

You can only hold so much in your mind. Having a well-appointed place, with information in the right context, lets you improve other areas of your job, feel less stressed, and create a better working environment for yourself. 

With Teamup calendar, you’re able to do just that: offload the information you constantly have to hold in your mind and create space again in your brain to have more capacity to do your job well. 

With Teamup, the right information is captured, in the right context, to avoid miscommunication in the future. Click To Tweet

Sound too good to be true? We get reviews all the time from sales representatives that have refined their existing sales process with Teamup. They get to spend less time recovering details and more time focused on people.  

“The Teamup calendar has made us more efficient in our delivery system. The salesmen no longer have to call the store to check on the status of a delivery or who delivered it. It’s right at the touch of their phone, and they have an answer for the customer right away.“

– Brian Kelly, 84 Lumber

Remember, we’re not here to change the way you handle operations. We just provide a highly customizable system so that you can make it work for your operation and run smoother through better organization. With Teamup you’re able to:

  • See multiple project statuses.
  • Have one place to save or link to all required documents.
  • View a list of next actions.
  • Streamline reports.
  • Access Real-time visibility for all orders.
  • Gain the ability to create comments.
  • Clearly document comments and discussion notes to keep people and tasks on track without emailing back and forth.
Capture and retrieve customer information easily. Click on the image to see more details.

Don’t let a lack of visibility or a disorganized system of communication keep you from being productive. Create a free calendar today so you can easily organize what you need to stay focused on people.


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