An Easy Way to Save Key Details from Customer Conversations

Save key details from customer conversations

Customer conversations are the heart of sales. And key details from those conversations make all the difference in how you do your job as a salesperson. 

Each interaction helps you develop strong relationships with your customers. They help you to understand what your customers really need. Over time, you have a lot of conversations with each customers. And these conversations can happen in different places and through different methods.


"As a sales rep, I need to remember key info from customer conversations. But I talk to a lot of people, and there's a lot of details that get lost if I don't have an easy way to save them." Click To Tweet


What if you can easily grab key details on your smartphone wherever you are at any time?

Easily grab key details on a smartphone

For a single customer, you could have multiple phone calls, a text thread, emails, video conferences, and in-person meetings. Each conversation may have several key details you need to note, review, or take action on in the future.

Getting all the information in one place is a core concept of good organization. 

Choose a single place to capture each customer conversation. You can summarize a call, or save a link or screenshot. Make sure you tag context somehow–by customer name or ID–so you can filter and find the relevant conversations when you need them.

You can use Teamup to track and remember customer conversations.

It’s easy to grab quick notes and tag with context so you can find your notes later, to clarify, review or take next actions. You can do so using a mobile app or on a computer:

It's quick and easy to save info from customer conversations with Teamup.
Add names, keyword for context, actions, and conversation notes.
  • Capture the key details from a customer conversation as soon as you can.
  • Get in the habit of tagging the context on every piece of information you save.

Teamup makes it easy with mobile apps, image upload, and comments.

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