Stay Organized and Keep Track of Next Customer Actions

Have you ever found yourself staring at a customer’s info, wondering what you should do next? Maybe it’s time for a call. When was your last call? Did you send them the new promotion material… or not? Have you scheduled a meeting? What are the next customer actions for each person on your list?

You work with many customers. So, there’s a lot of repetition—which can make it tough to remember exactly where you are with each customer.

"As a sales rep, I interact with customers in lots of ways. Keeping track of the next action for each customer is time-consuming and frustrating without a simple system." Click To Tweet

A consistent process makes you more efficient. But how do you track it easily?

You need a list of action items—in the order that makes the most sense for your workflow—to help you stay on track with each customer. A selection of “next customer actions” keeps you focused. Knowing which one is the next step for each customer keeps you productive.

Here’s an example of how this could look with Teamup:

Create a custom field with customer actions to stay organized.
  • Use a list of next customer actions. As a result, easily remember the next action for each customer.
  • Work more efficiently by batching actions together. For instance, set aside one block of time for phone calls. Block another time for follow-up emails.

Get started with Teamup’s custom fields and filters.

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