December Updates: event comments icon, active links, and Zap templates

December monthly updates from Teamup calendar

It’s the season when we take time to think back over the year. And what a year it has been!

Surely none of us could have anticipated all the challenges and changes. While uncertainty still lies ahead, we have seen a global community come together to work together and care for each other.

Happy holidays from all of us.

What’s new this month

New! Speech icon for event comments

Our latest update introduces a small speech bubble icon on the event title to indicate event comments. It will only appear on events where there are comments, making it easy to see at a glance where discussions are happening on your calendar.

Updates for Teamup mobile apps

Teamup’s latest update for our iOS app includes a new user menu on the right sidebar. This user menu holds all user functionality, keeps the calendar functions in the left sidebar, and makes the app easier and more intuitive to use. The latest update also includes support for duplicating events. The latest updates also include various form and layout improvements to make the user experience better and more streamlined.
Get the Teamup mobile app for iOS or Android.

Teamup has long supported active links in the Description field. Now you can also add active links in the event fields. In read-only views and event pages, the link itself is clickable.

Click an active link in the event field.

In the event editor, a link icon will appear when there is a hyperlink added to a text event field, including the built-in Who and Where fields. This link icon is clickable and will open the link. Read more here.

Zap of the Month: Share Teamup event to Facebook Page

With Teamup’s Zapier integration, you can now instantly connect Teamup Calendar with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Here’s our Zap of the Month: Share a new Teamup calendar event to your Facebook page.

Share a new calendar event automatically to your Facebook page

To use this zap,

  1. Choose a sub-calendar from your Teamup calendar.
  2. Set the trigger to New Event (or New Event Matching Search).
  3. Connect your Facebook Page.

Now when you create a new event on that sub-calendar, it will automatically be shared to your Facebook Page.

How could you use this zap?

  • Promote webinars, classes, or online events to your page.
  • Offer exclusive events to members.
  • Curate and share events with a group.

To create more Teamup zaps, start with the templates here.

Share Your Teamup Solution

Are you an efficiency nerd, or simply a Teamup expert? Share the love–and show how you use Teamup–by creating a solution demo. You could win a holiday voucher to give to a person or group of your choice, on your behalf.

Share your Teamup solution using this demo.

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15 ideas for better calendar setup

Organize your calendar efficiently with Teamup color coded subcalendars in folders

Better calendar setup makes all the difference in how well your calendar works for you.

So, choosing how to organize your calendar is a key decision. It’s directly related to how your calendar functions, which means calendar organization can make you more or less efficient when using the calendar.

We’ve collected 15 ideas and inspirations to help you visualize the best calendar setup for your needs.

See 15 Ideas for Better Calendar Setup

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