What is modify-from-same-link access permission?

With Teamup calendars, you can share your calendar with others via unique calendar link in addition to users with Teamup user accounts. For every calendar link, you can set the level of access permission. There are nine different levels of access permission.

You can set the level of access permission globally, including all the sub-calendars in the link, or you can select which sub-calendars to include and choose an access permission level for each one.

This calendar link has access to multiple sub-calendars, with different access permissions for each included sub-calendar:

Set appropriate access permissions for each sub-calendar you share in your Teamup calendar

The modify-from-same-link access permission is a unique permission that allows a user to modify events that are created by themselves on the calendar using the same link. They can see events created by other users but not modify them.

What the modify-from-same-link permission means:

  • You can view all events and event details on the included sub-calendar(s).
  • You can add new events.
  • You can modify or delete the events that you have added.
  • You cannot modify or delete events that someone else has added to the calendar.

Events that cannot be modified (events created by other calendar users) will have a small lock icon on them to indicate that they are read-only and cannot be modified.

This is a good access permission to use when multiple people need to add and update calendar events, but you do not want one user to delete or change another user’s events. For example, if you have a shared “Vacation/PTO” calendar for staff members, you can use the modify-from-same-link access permission. Then all staff members can see each other’s vacation or PTO as scheduled, but cannot change or delete it. They can all add their own vacation requests, and modify them as needed, but cannot modify each other’s requests or scheduled PTO.

The modify-from-same-link, no details access permission adds another layer of protection to your calendar. It prevents the calendar user from seeing any details of events created by others on the calendar.

What modify-from-same-link, no-details means:

  • You can add new events.
  • You can modify any existing events that you created via the same link.
  • You can view events on the calendar created by other users, but
  • You cannot see the details of any events created by others. These events are simply marked as Reserved.

It is important to set up individual access for the Modify-from-same-link and Modify-from-same-link, no-details permissions to be effective. It is recommended not sharing links with these permissions among multiple individuals.

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