Teacher Enables Student Autonomy with a Teamup Calendar

Using teamup for stained glass class student autonomy

With a waiting list for class openings, this studio owner set up a Teamup Calendar for more student autonomy and no wasted class spaces.

About Cradle of the Sun

Cradle of the Sun is an Art Glass gift store and a stained glass studio & retail supplier in San Francisco since 1977. They carry a wide selection of Tiffany style lamps, window panels and hand blown art glass, as well as over 500 varieties of sheet glass and a wide selection of tools & supplies for the hobbyist.

In addition to doing stained glass commissions for discriminating clients, Cradle of the Sun offers popular classes for those interested in learning more about the art and craft of stained glass work. Dan Gamaldi told us how he has incorporated a Teamup Calendar to give his students ability to trade or sell their reserved class space when needed.

Here’s the story that Dan shared with us:

The Story

Each student being notified of an availability is a great feature. I love that the students are able to trade among themselves without any effort from me.

My business is Cradle of the Sun Stained Glass. Six times a week, I give stained glass classes, with 9 students in each class. Students sign up for six-week sessions.

When a student can’t attend one of their scheduled classes, they can go to the Teamup Calendar to notify the other students that their space in the class is available for sale or trade. If another student wants to attend the class, then a trade is arranged or they can purchase the space in class from the student who can’t attend.

Using Teamup as an effective tool for education
Cradle of the Sun’s Teamup Calendar

Thus the student missing the class doesn’t lose the cost of that class, and I don’t have empty spaces in the class. Each student being notified of an availability is a great feature. I love that the students are able to trade among themselves without any effort from me.

Feature highlight: email notifications

The ability for individual calendar users to subscribe to email notifications, and customize which notifications they receive, makes Teamup a good fit for more student autonomy.

The menu offers three options for which events to include.
Important changes include new events and date/time changes.

For Dan’s students, getting notified of changes to the calendar lets them quickly take advantage of an open class space. Each student can set up email notifications from their calendar link. They can choose what type of calendar changes to include, and whether to receive each notification individually, or to receive a daily summary of all calendar notifications.

Students can unsubscribe from email notifications at any time.

Dan, as the calendar administrator, can see the list of notification subscriptions anytime, and manage them as needed from the calendar settings.

Thanks to Dan Gamaldi at Cradle of the Sun for sharing your story.

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